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This wind is killing me. Pens are shuddering in the wind. I have 3 4x8 dome pens with doors. I have 6 bungees on each door keeping them closed but the pens are shaking so bad one of the doors just popped open. They're getting ziptied closed screw it.
we shall see how he does. I've got a couple yet to cull, may have add him to the list.
Not bad at all. I dug the dried blood out of his nostrils so he could breathe properly. Cleaned his feet up with iodine, cut all the loose skin and nails, covered his feet with blood stop. Vertrx all over his head, shot and put him back. He is a bad bird. You wouldn't think anything was wrong with him. A few days and he'll be feeling a little different though.
Couple of scratches and maybe a hangnail or two
Yep I remember. It's been a sh*tty day. All I wanted to do was tie some flies. Oh well
I have to go pick up my son from school. When I get back I'll look him over real good and make a decision. I've culled a bunch. The fact that he got a pen means he's worth keeping. I do have a few more ruble stags and a couple cocks. This particular stag is a lighter hackled, higher stationed bird that had to be penned a bit earlier than his siblings. I know for a fact he knocked off one spur and I gotta check his right eye
Ruble needs culling.
Yeah he kept going til he couldn't. Ya ever notice it's never a bird your on the fence about keeping. It's always the select few.
Easily 60 mph wind gusts just now. Sob I have a ruble stag that I wanted that is wrecked, a leiper just has some bloody prop toes, same with a black. He did all the damage with the ruble.
Well I spoke too soon. 3 inches of rain and 50-60 mph winds. Lifted a pen. Lost one good cock. Killed himself. D*mn this global warming!
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