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I will check on youtube!  
My hens Gina and Yamina became widows a couple of weeks ago, and today Gina who is the alpha one and the oldest wake me up with a strange noise, as I get up and watch from the window I see her standing in the characteristic rooster pose in what seems to be her attempts to sing as a rooster, unfortunately when by the time i get the camera she stop doing it. It was truly funny & I wonder if someone else have witness such behavior in a hen,
been there felt that...   but if we did what we felt was the best for them, maybe it was just their time, i lost 2 out of 3 first my beautiful roo Cheb Coco he was perfectly well eating , singing & romancing his girls and next day was sick, died in less than 24 hours... i was devastated thinking that i might did something wrong, then one month later my Ginger died over night (probably  got egg bound) I was considering giving up on having chickens...  but my friend  went...
Yesterday I decorate our coop with 2 small live "Pascuas" (poinsettias), and some lights Christmas at Villa Gallina , Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas from  Cheb Coquito (the roo), Yamina ( the young hen) and  Gina the gallina and of course Guaili (our cat) myself, Judy & my husband Abd
... you go in the car and spot every single hen or rooster free ranging ... every piece of wood, metal, plastic, pvc, or any  you spot is a possible prime matter to build a coop ... every play house,  swing, doghouse, prefabricated  shed used or new you see has the potential to become  chicken housing ... even if you grew up in the country around chickens, suddenly you realized on how many colors, size, and shapes chickens come! ... you go to HomeDepot  and...
My rooster, Cheb Coco, is sick,i  notice today is not crowing, and most of the time lay down, breathing with difficulty, he even let me pick him up. I gave him an atibiotic pill they sell my in the agro store when he got hurt in a fight. he seems to evacuate ureas? a white liquid... any advice? im new at this and very concerned.
Sorry about your cranky neighbor...  Is not normal that someone react that way for words that are not directed to them, so he  must  be a little crazy so is better not to talk to him as someone advices..  As for that letter it does not says is forbid  to have a rooster, it just have ,  some advices on the matter.(see if you can meet some of them)..  If you call the police you should have proof of that  to show  them  is a revenge from the neighbor, even if the rooster is...
Great! Questions: 1. I have submitted 3 recipes... does they make it to the book?  2. How much will be the price plus shipping?  3. Will you ship to Puerto Rico?  
Oh my,  I'm glad I came back to check on Derp and you all guys! Love the story of Derp...aww invisible babies, how cute is that!... maybe she's got potential to be a good mom ... maybe she is just rehearsing for the real thing!  I'll take  couple of days of from work, after do some home chores I just plan to "Relax and stare at things" as someone said!  Love and Blessings to you all & your flocks!  
their eggs "normal color" is ligth brown... I will switch to layer pellets to see if this help, thanks so much
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