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Nope im justtrying to reduce my flock to many birds
I live in mi and i haveshowgirl trios for sale. I have naked necks,black ones and bearded girls with a partiage male.
Hi everyone. I have three set of trio showgirls for sale. Trio of black showgirls,trio of naked neck showgirls and. Bearded showgirl with a partiag male. 25.00 a trio
Hesperia just north of Muskegon
I have showgirl for in Michigan. Four naked neck hens with naked neck rooster,three to four bearded white ones with a partiage rooster,four black bearded hens with black rooster.
I have showgirl rooster
Hesperia mi
I have black showgirl and two white ones free.young
My new babies
My little showgirls [IMG]
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