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 Yes it will and it is also extremely unethical.  I just wrote what the rednecks around here say about them haha.
Shoot, Shovel, and Shut Up
Well here she is as an adult everybody!
My rooster has started crowing again! No more sneezing! I have been putting 2 tablespoons of Durvet Duramycin per gallon and it is helping immensly. Thanks to everybody!
Well this has all been very helpful! Thanks everybody, I will post updates with improvement.
I need some help please! So I have a flock of 25 chickens, 5 roos and 20 hens. They are all about 6 - 7 months old and one by one they have started sneezing and mouth-breathing. I immediately picked up some Durvet - Duramycin 10 Powder and have been putting one teaspoon per gallon of water along with a Vitamin/Electrolyte for 2 weeks now! Nobody is getting any better or worse but more and more come up sneezing every day. Their coop is very well ventilated and the litter is...
Thanks guys! I had never heard of a blue copper marans so I am super excited. My cuckoo marans don't have the cool feathery feet like he has either.
I picked up this boy at the feed store today because he was too handsome not to buy! I am assuming it is a mix, but with what?
I got her from a feed store down the road called "Long Horn." Somebody didn't want her for some reason and brought her in.
It is a hen about a year old. 4 toes so not a Houdan. Maybe just a hatchery quality polish... Why do you all think?
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