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I need some help please! So I have a flock of 25 chickens, 5 roos and 20 hens. They are all about 6 - 7 months old and one by one they have started sneezing and mouth-breathing. I immediately picked up some Durvet - Duramycin 10 Powder and have been putting one teaspoon per gallon of water along with a Vitamin/Electrolyte for 2 weeks now! Nobody is getting any better or worse but more and more come up sneezing every day. Their coop is very well ventilated and the litter is...
Thanks guys! I had never heard of a blue copper marans so I am super excited. My cuckoo marans don't have the cool feathery feet like he has either.
I picked up this boy at the feed store today because he was too handsome not to buy! I am assuming it is a mix, but with what?
I got her from a feed store down the road called "Long Horn." Somebody didn't want her for some reason and brought her in.
It is a hen about a year old. 4 toes so not a Houdan. Maybe just a hatchery quality polish... Why do you all think?
My newest kitten is doing the same thing, she is pouncing on the youngest pullets.  I carry a squirt bottle around the yard and spray her when she starts stalking the chickens.
She gets prettier each day! She just looks like a mini EE now so I am assuming this is what she will look like...
Here she is on day one in the run! She is such a pretty girl.
Thanks for the tips! While looking for my drill bits I found an old shed latch that I had. With that, I have officially Coon-proofed the door! I really would love to keep the door open all the time, but I don't think the run is 100% coon resistant.
I just finished my chicken door going into the run. My only concern is that it does not lock closed. It seems that a raccoon could easily slide this open and have a chicken dinner. I didn't know what everybody did to lock their sliding doors at night.
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