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Chicks are typically hatched in an incubator and therefore come from a clean slate. Hatcheries all need to be NPIP too, therefore you recieve healthy disease free chicks (mostly). My problem is that I got an adult from a non-NPIP source and she was carying the disease...
Yep barred rock was a girl... Luckily there was a person down the road from me who got a barred rock cockerel by accident... We made a swap and here he is meeting his new brother. These guys will have an important job ahead of them: to watch over a flock of 21 hens!
It is basically the common cold for chickens but can be deadly very quickly. I had one sneeze and within 2 days I had lost 10 birds. Symptoms are puffy eyes, sneezing, odor and discharge, lethargy.
I am very excited this spring! I am starting with a new flock of chickens! I lost my whole flock last year when I introduced an adult without quarantine..... BAD BAD BAD IDEA. Coryza spread and killed all but 2. Those 2 are living elsewhere (not here, and with no other birds) and I thoroughly disinfected the coop run area a month ago. So here is the new crew: 4 cuckoo maran hens, 7 EE hens, 1 black sex link hen, 1 Delaware hen, 1 RIR hen, 2 speckled sussex hens, 1...
I have a buff orpington and a barred rock. I was told they were roosters by the feed store but I am not so sure..... I hope they are roos!
That's Sirius, he is a white German Shepherd. He is the best dog I have ever had. He never would hurt my birds and loves people. However he hates coyotes and chases them off!
Had a bunch of scrap lumber and couldn't wait until spring. Here is my new bantam coop! This is the first thing I have ever built and feel pretty good about it. I will be painting it when the weather warms up. I also have to shingle it. I rushed to finish the roof because we are getting a foot of snow tomorrow!
Here is a picture of Bueler, my mule drake. He is huge but can fly and he prefers to hang out with the mallard types.
He does seem to have a little bit of a crest there. He is roosting now so lets get a picture!
Can always count on Miss Lydia for some good waterfowl advice! One detail I left out is that Boris (my big male muscovy) didn't do the usually "chase her around for an hour" thing he always does to new muscovy hens. The females all did that hilarious hissing head bob thing. Thanks again Miss Lydia, she is. Beauty of a duck regardless!
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