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Thank you so much for the info Erica.  I isolated her last night and this morning her eye looks a bit better.  She drank some water but doesn't look like she is eating.  Her tail is still down and her rear is again a mess. She is up walking around and wants to be with her "sisters". A vet visit is def out, since these are my FREE chickens...hahaahahahaha. I am going to look into EYP and see what else I can do.  Again a big thank you!!!
My hen has been acting strange for a few days.  Her tail feathers are pointed down, she looks as if she is bearing down,...for lack of a better description.  Today I cleaned up her back, she had a lot of poop stuck to her.  Her one eye is also shut. I tried to give her fruit, yogurt and a nice juicy worm and she is not interested in any of it.  She is isolating herself.  I am a true novice and REALLY worried about her.  Any advice would be appreciated.  
I borrowed "Gardening With Children" by Beth Richardson, from the library and I really enjoy it. So much so, that I just ordered it off of Amazon.  I know, pretty basic, but it covers lots of topics and is very easy to understand. It is a bit outdated but fun to chuckle at some of the clothes...some I even wore.  Another good one, is "Homegrown" by Marta Teegen.
YAYAYAAYAYAY!!! First egg yesterday. I am so excited. I hope I don't give my girls a heart attack.
PM sent. Looking forward to this!
I have a question that I suppose falls in this category too. My beautiful ladies have inspired me to start a garden. (turning my city yard into a farm ). So I put together a container garden but have yet to plant....the girls think I put that there for them to dust bathe in. Is there a certain plant or something I can put out that they won't like but won't hurt them? My vision is chickens, dogs, children and plants side by side in perfect harmonyyyyyyy.
Hi. I am in Santa Clarita, near Magic Mtn.
None....wahhhhhhhh  so sad.  But I do have 2 golf balls in their boxes.
Hi. I recently (just a week ago) got chickens from someone.  She said they were laying at her house but it has been a week and nothing yet.  The ages according to her are 2 yo, 1.5 yo and 9 mos.  Could they be stressed? Is the move affecting them? Help. I love my chickens and can't wait to see the first egg.
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