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okay guys I'm curious I've been really excited about my isbars but my hen is now 13 month old has never laid an egg. I know she's not an egg either and I have play several eggs in with her and she has not eaten them. you'll have any suggestions cause I'm seriously about to sell them, and I really don't want to but if she's not going to lay me an egg then there's no purpose in having her. makes me so sad.
caj, you have no idea how bad I want these, but I have no room! my Arkansas blue is a roo, now I need to buy some more eggs from you to hatch some pullets...when I have room tho! PEOPLE HER BIRDS ARE GORGEOUS AND A DELIGHT TO WORK WITH! PERFECTLY PACKED AND GREAT HATCH RATES!
I would rather use a broody than an incubator it tends to be a better hat rate. once they're hatched I take them away from her and it takes about two weeks for her to begin playing again.
okay guys I'm near Dallas and I'm looking for a good reputable breeder of nice type and egg color. lavender is the color that I am wanting. who do y'all recommend?
my first paint silkie! love ”her” lol
pics? could you ship in June?
2 of the five that that hatched didn't make it, so i'm down to three out of 45!
hatched my first paint silkie! I will post pictures later tonight.
anybody looking for a new puppy I have rescued 6 Labrador pitbull mix puppies that were dumped near my neighborhood. I have four left they are all black and white three females and one .male. I have already wormed them but they have not had any shots. approximately 12 weeks old I cannot hold on much longer because of finances please if anybody would like a new puppy give one of these a great new forever home. they get along well with children and other dogs. pm me if you...
Thank you very sweet feedback! keep me posted on how they do I hope you get a great hatch!
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