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Hey everyone...hope all are well and having a Happy New Year.....I see several familiar swappers here
I have Jubilee orps available....guineas and turkeys also....bantam.chocolate orps....bantam chocolate wyandottes.....cream legbars.......
may be interested in trading some.....let me know what you got
I have some jubilee orp eggs for sale....if interested please send me a message and I'll get back to you
Hey Reyvaughn, is that tom in your avatar from the eggs I sent you last year.....very nice
I am lurking
what is her site
-8 here this morning with -28 wind chill
 I didn't think you were supposed to bring new birds, chicks, or eggs into a closed flock when you have been diagnosed with having MG in your flock. How does that work?
Do you have any of the jubilees left and would you be willing to ship them?
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