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yeah it scared the h*$$ out of me.. luckly i had the deck closed.. pretty sure it was bird shot.  If it was a slug it would have went thru the deck!
eggs set temp good
that the shot gun shell I hit with my mower... yeah it was live and went off... Dixie Chopper is bullet proof thank god!
hopefully i can get a coat of paint on it tomorrow
no its one story it just has windows up high.. I would say 5-6 if you free range or have them in a large area maybe more if you dont mind cleaning more often Jon
wilmington here
here is the newest model the heirloom
real work for me today.. All chickens are doing good.. looks like one of my  buff brahmas is a roo.. might be the first bird I send to freezer camp.  Doublea need to learn how to process....
almost done needs paint  
or jerky
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