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Any Milwaukee area cheeseers have a coop. For 5 or 6 chickens. My two wellies dont like my marans much would like to separate them and get 2 more marans maybe.
Nope they are not...They wellies will not let them down grom the nesting boxes. I may need to separate then in another coop.
The charmed ones. Pheobe, Page, Piper and Prue. The names of my girls.. cant figure out how to post in her so look at my pis in my profile
Hey i like my bday suit! LolPs got two egga now....whooooot!
Just want to tell everyone how helpful Cheryl and clan was today when i stopped by to see her chickens. i gained valuable info and four wonderful chickens. 2 wellies and 2i marans. Oh yeah and a dozen beautiful eggs. Thanks again!
Yeah about 2.5 hours i think. But still not bad
I think its great! I am prolly much goofier (is that a word?) Than most people here. Take that mile!
I dont scare easily
Maybe i should change my login name?
This is why i wear one. Need all the help i can get.
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