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Hi! I am looking for anyone in SW Ontario, Canada with Pure Ameraucana pullets for sale (hatching eggs or chicks are also an option) I am looking for any ameraucanas, blue, wheaten, black splash or anything else. Must be PURE! Thanks, contact me!
Hi all! I have a favour to ask. If you own or have ever owned a black ameraucana rooster, could you post a picture? I was wondering if they have any colours other than black, and if so, what. I have a few, but want to know if they're actually pure. THANKS!  (feel free to post pictures of hens too. The more the merrier )
Our white leghorn and RIR sexlinks (unless you mean actual RIRs) lay the same size of eggs. Mine are 2 years old, so their eggs are pretty big.
GAH! I would SO take one, but I already have 6 (and possibly two more) roosters! I can't find homes for my EEs (I guess I can't say that, I haven't tried much), and like you- I don't want them to just go to the soup pot  Hope your little boys find homes!
Awe, Thanks! She's so sweet!  Yeah, this orangey and my pure black one like to spar. I'm thinking they're both roos. The pure black one looks like it's really pure though, which is nice.     I was wondering about the red too, EE roos have the rusty shoulders. Isn't the comb a bit weird for an EE? Don't they have pea combs?  
It looks like it's going to be one of those orange-coloured EEs. I wonder if roos can have colouring like that?
I received this (EE?) chick at the beginning of March, (about a month old by then) so it's probably ALMOST 2 months. This one has some pretty neat colouring- but likes to spar with another chick. Thoughts on gender and breed?   Side view^   ^comb view.. Weird looking, eh?
Thanks! I was unsure because I've seen pictures of Ameraucanas that look like him. He's not of much use to me though, sadly. He's got a bad leg. Can't breed.
He's almost a year old. I bought 9 'ameraucana' chicks. two passed- now out of 7 I only have one hen. The rest are EEs, but I'm not sure about this guy. Any thoughts on if he's an EE or realy Ameraucana?   ACTUALLY, it doesn't matter if he is any ways, for he is, and forever will be Gimpy. Ugh. :(    
How is she now? Was she walking like a penguin at all?
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