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Corvidae, I am so sorry about your chicks. the ones I got from you are due to hatch this weekend. I am going to be moving to Fruitland this weekend with my little goat and chickens. You will have to stop in and see me sometime. Pearl  
    I am hatching out a dozen of hers this weekend. If you want one I will give you one. You have to chose and it will be straight run. Pearl
Love your coop the one we are building in fruitland looks like yours. It looks up to the Duchesne winters. Sorry about your isbars. When you get rid of your freedom rangers what are you going to put in that side of the coop?    
That is some coop and run!    
Those are some of the cutest chicks. Now I have to have some of them.    
mis post
$6.00 for the dozen. And I live in Utah!!!
  ,I would go with the tractor too and get 3 chickens. I live in West Jordan our limit is 5 hens some of my neighbors have roosters and like me more than the 5 limit. Good luck
I just hatched out 8 blrw's they are a lighter color than yours. Hey I am moving to Fruitland next month we will almost be neighbors. If you sell some fertile eggs I will have to get some from you. Pearl
Corvidae, What is the breed of your chicks? They are so cute!!!
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