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Marcus spotted a tall young man walking on a dirt path in the forest. "Over here!!" Marcus screached to Kila
Before anyone could say another word Marcus turned into a bat, and flew out the tall stone castle window. 
( Ok he is!! )
(Also we hunt Human don't we?)
(The vamp king that just died was Marcus's dad right?? )
"I know my dear, but I want to take some time alone to hunt. I must find diner for everyone tonight." He said sadly t oLuna as he thought about his sad loss.   "You may come Kila." He said to Kila
( haha no i am on!! lol )   Marcus was setting in a big throne covered in red velvet. He suddenly jumped out of his throne, and said with a smile, "Well since I am King I shall prepare food for everyone tonight. Anyone want to come with me to hunt for diner??" 
( AFK for a sec....)
"Lets get back to the castle maybe prepare for these evil wolfs!!" Marcus said angrily.
(Er going to eat??
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