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"I am fine." Justin answered.
( lol idk crablegs lol lol jk umm.....probably sea weed. )
"Where could i rest at?" Justin asked still in pain from the shark attack!!
"Yes mam." Said Justin.
"Sure come in Wintent. If its ok with Marilla." Justin said.
    Oh ok lolz        "Don't worry i would never hurt them at all, they are to good people and i have no family so i would do anything to protect them." Justin said to Marilla.
         ( Can you rewrite that out or what does he mean by that lolz )
"I took Wintent for a swim and we met a shark and me and the shark got into a fight i told Wintent to go back to the reef and i would fight the shark. I just did not want her hurt." He said with a smile.
"Thanks your honor." Justin said flashing him a smile!!
"I am. I was just born from a mom and dad." Justin confested.
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