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I think it's more along the line of chemicals such chlorine and fluoride etc in tap water ,chemicals that are used to treat the water.
It was never colder than room temp I didn't give them cold I was afraid of that putting them in shock. Thx hopefully they will be ok
Shipped from Mt healthy hatcheries broad breasted on southern states sporting bird starter medicated 28% protein yes common well. Bedding is premium pine shavings not sure the exact temp but they do not huddle together stay disperesed evenly pretty much and normal droppings as I can tell
I had 18 chicks started great and a week later I have 6 left. At first the were fine at all times I kept them supplied clean(well) water and also medicated feed. After a couple of days they started dying, i would put fresh water they would drink and then an hr later 2 or 3 dead
Just an update all are doing well together  
I live in Iredell county NC and i have dogs every once in a while trying to get in my chicken pen. Is it illegal for me to kill them or any other animals if they are attacking my chickens.
    Actually i did that with the crate after the first attempt. They have been in it for about a week so maybe ill give it a try this weekend all the girls together. thanks Very much
I have 8 star hens and the biddies are all hens too i think  
I have 8 adult black star laying hens and i also have (6) 8 week old biddys; How can i add them to the flock without the hens killing them? I tried the other day to add only one of the biddies in the pen and the hens immediately came over and hovered over the biddy and then when one hen started they all started to peck it. so i grab it up and put it back with the others. Any Ideas?
   I asked a friend at church the picture probably explains better than i do but he said it is still to mild of climate for them to start molting that they dont start till about the hotest part of the summer. idk i did look briefly but couldnt see anything i will look harder this time. i may just go ahead and dust anyway.    
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