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10 total, 4 Drakes 6 Ducks, thinking 2 pairs and 2 trios. We have about 200 plus of fencing, but we want it as secure as possible as we have several problem animals in the area.
10 total ducks currently and wanting to expand to make breeding type pens for pairs/trios. What is the best way to do this? Very limited budget, but have lumber, fencing, and three large dog kennels that were given to us. Also, building a nest box? At least 2 of our girls are laying and we put a nest box in the pen with them, but they seem to just lay at will anywhere...
Just curious, I have only ever see dark eyed muscovies. There is a male in the bunch that I am just completely unsure of his color, he has dark eyes, but I will try and post a picture later!
We bought a flock of Blue eyed ducks yesterday and I was wondering how it happens. We bought 10 total, 9 are white with blue eyes, and I have never seen a blue eyed duck before!
I didn't have time to read the entire posting, but if someone was wanting to buy eggs and ship them from these Silked Ameracanas, where could one get some?  
Looking for small incubator locally! We are located in Loudon, TN
We are about to set some eggs that will be very interesting mixes! They are just for Layers and Pets, but we are so looking forward to seeing what they turn out like! The one we are looking forward to the most is a Red Americana Roo over a Speckled Hamburg! We can't wait to see what we get. We have all the eggs marked with the parent mixes and are just dying to get them in the incubator!  
Bunny People- We are just wanting meat types, nothing fancy and mixed is fine. Price ranger $20 and under and we have no rabbits currently, minus two pets, so we are looking for both bucks and does.
haha that didn't make sense. We lost all, but one duckling!    
Still Looking for Meat Rabbits! Also, looking to find either duckling, gosling, or chick (over a couple weeks). We lost all our ducklings to a nasty parasite, we bought them from a NASTY hatchery in middle TN. She is doing great with her meds, but is very lonely....  
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