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Finally 7 pips.  One has been pipped for 24 hours..grrr..  Hoping my pretty little Australorps make it out soon.
This is my second time incubating Australorp's.  The first time was with Buff Orpington's and the Buff's buzzed on out of the eggs, the lorp's were slow to come out, on day 22, pip to zip took forever, and several didn't make it at the last minute.  This time I am doing a straight run of Australorp's and it's like dejavu.  Only 2 of my 18 are pipped and struggling to make it out and the rest nothing and we're at day 21.  Anyone else have a hard time hatching Australorp's...
When it was time for mine to leave the incubator I left them in one more day which was day 25 then disposed of them.  I candled them and it appeared they died quite awhile earlier.  I did have some that pipped and zipped in hours, but my first ones took much longer.  Be patient, they may come on out.    
Definately LEAVE THEM IN!  Learn from my rookie mistake of loosing 3 chicks by taking them out too early.  It's amazing how much faster the rest of them get out when the bulls are left in the china shop.  You will now when it's time, but they are fine in there.     
Yes 3/14 Thanks!
I set my 21 Australorps on 3/4.  Only 3 were not viable.  One egg was really moving last night and today nothing.  Just called the hubby and he said there are some moving around.  Not nearly as much movement and sound as my first hatch so I am growing very concerned this hatch is a bust. 
Talked to our local FFA advisor.  Sounds like the heat got them.  We saved two by giving them some water and putting them back in the bator.  Rookie mistakes.  Thankfully we were here watching and save some.  Just hate seeing them suffer.  Thank you all soooo much!
They were all together.  3 dead so far, 3 close.  we are giving them water.
vinegar in water work?  Think it may have been too hot.
buff orphington and australorp  
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