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Anyone else having a not so good first snow?   I went out tonight to lock up birds and half of my chicken fences are down, a chicken run threatening to collapse (I had to get up there in the dark and shovel it off to hopefully save it), a turkey grow out pen partially collapsed in and the adult turkeys pen the entire covered run is caved in and broken. I am really bummed right now:( And its only November. 
She looks very much to me like a Cream Legbar. Though sometimes Cream Legbar hybrids look very similar to pure Legbars. I would say you are very possibly looking at blue eggs in the future.
To me from that pic to go by only I see 2 boys. The large head splotches are the giveaway. Females can have small head dots but they are typically very small if at all.
She is very Cream Legbar like. Do you have a full body pic of her?
Last year we cooked up a 37lb turkey in the oven. I thought for sure it wouldn't fit but it did. Your 40pounder should be tight but do-able. This is my last years 37lb turkey.  Also a tip, you could try cooking it breast side down. Appearance wont be as pretty but all the juices flow down through the breast making it really moist and juicy. I believe this is the turkey that I took out and cooked upside down my family thought I was strange. Turns out they think its a great...
 This is great information and also great advise. My personal thought on this is always to cull, disinfect completely, wait the recommended time and start over. Then be very very careful when bringing in new stock , always quarantine and read up on biosecurity to keep your flock safe. Of course what works for some doesn't work for others. I wish you luck during this tough time.
Happy Thanksgiving!   We just did 7 turkeys. Sold a few to customers the rest went into the freezer I sell mine for $6 per lb.   Im with you, so cant wait for hatching/chick season to come back around.
If anyone is looking for some young turkeys I have 3 extras Im looking to rehome. They are roughly 4 month old Bourbon Reds, 1hen 2toms. My flocks are all up to date with NH NPIP certification.   PM me if there are questions or interest.
Thank You!
Im the same way lol. Its always worst case scenario, it drives my DH nuts lol
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