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I don't have Cemani , I am just a lurker here, I follow along on this thread since the breed really does interest me. I will admit this thread isn't my favorite to read since it seems to lack a lot of the breed discussions I was hoping for. I was hoping there would be more talk of size, type, correct combs, egg laying ability, and individual breeding plans etc as well as the black coloration. I hope you all continue to discuss the breedings of these birds and share your...
Im not sure who you were asking from that specific post since there were a few different bird pictures quoted. But the white ones with black spots and head crests are Silver Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben. 
Now Im gonna have to try this too, after all these posts about pickled eggs. Ive never tried them before either. Maybe this weekend I can give it a go.
If it hatched from pure CL eggs than it to me looks like a white CL 
I will be following along on your progress. That is an interesting little incubator. I have not seen one like it. Where was it purchased from?   And great candling pictures! So glad they are developing. Please keep posting until hatch day. I would love to see the results.
NIce turkeys!
Thank You! Thanks! I hope you enjoy them, I don't think there is much about them to not like. They are pretty great.
Awww so cute!!! Congrats!
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