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I have a broody bantam hen for this hatchalong along with my turkey eggs that are in my bator. She stared setting yesterday morning on I think 5-6 eggs( I need to mark them). She would have been sitting longer but I kept tossing her off the nest and stealing her eggs. I felt bad and gave in lol.
Congrats!!! That is very beautiful picture!
I finally got my 18 eggs into lockdown!
Welcome! and cute chicks!
Do you mean if you crossed the new rooster chick back to his mother? I believe all chicks will be barred and you will no longer be able to visibly see gender difference at hatch.  I also believe the chicks of that cross back will lay green-blue/green eggs.
They are different. Autosexing is a trait that can be passed on from generation to generation continuously. Sexlink occurs when you use the correct 2 parents and a genetic trait is only passed onto the first generation and does not continue after that. Your cross creates a sexlink.
I agree green eggs and sexlink not autosexing.
No worries   I don't recall what the cross was for the white pullets.
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