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Do you have a picture of that chick as a day old? I remember you said you have lots of chicks so it might be hard to go back and remember who was who. He is definitely a cockerel though :)
This looks like a cockerel, not a pullet. Males are gray and white barred females look different.
If you look on the Cream Legbar Club website there is a membership directory, you may be able to locate some one close to you that might be able to help you out with a male. I wish you luck. If you were closer I would give you a cockerel but that would be quite a trip lol.
It is common for the JR line to be less distinct than some of the other lines out there. In my limited experience with the JR chicks, so far I have noticed that the females will have the female pattern but there are breaks in the line from head to back and they sometimes are a little less defined having a slight fuzzy look to the V and the head/neck stripe. Again my JR experience is very small and limited. Seeing the new pictures and then comparing them to my own JR chick...
Its time to start thinning the flocks before cold weather comes. I have Cream Legbar available. If there is anyone local to me (SNH) that is interested in obtaining new stock of Cream Legbar or just a few egg layers of blue/green eggs, I will be rehoming roughly 9-10 point of lay pullets and hens as well as 2 cockerels and possibly a cock. PMs are welcome for more information.
I agree. That is the reason I asked to see more pics as well :) The head looks like the V is a little less defined and I see a head spot possibly larger than what a pullet would have, also its eyeliner has a break in it toward the back.
They are getting close! It is said that CL start at about 24weeks as an average. I have seven 21week old pullets and they are getting very red in the face and combs and wattle have grown large, some look more ready than others. I hope you post back once they are laying :)
I do :( Its not pretty when it happens and I feel just awful. This summer I vented one of the coops better to see if it helps and I still have a few modifications I need to make to another 2 coops as well so I really hope it helps.
How old are they? They look like they are getting close.
They are just too cute!!! Congrats on the new additions. Where are you located? Maybe someone on this thread will be near you and have a male from good stock to supply you. Do you happen to have another picture of the chick on the far left, a side view and a top view? Im just curious.
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