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My 9th grader uses time4learning. The leasons are a bit cartoonish/corny, silly is not my DDs cup of tea but the lessons are good. I like it and they also have a parent forum.
What color is the Cochin hen?
I dont think that a bloodied clutch of chicks is normal at any age or to be expected. I've raise many clutches over the years and I've never had blood drawn. With the exception of grown males attacking eachother on occassion, all of my chicks, juveniles and adults have all managed to figure out the pecking order without drawing blood.
At 3 weeks old the chest bumping is "play", male and female chicks will both do this. The pecking thing is him learning how to establish the pecking order, again male and female chicks will both do this. I dont think any of what you mentioned is cause for concern or a sign of a aggressive cock bird, at least not yet. I have raised many cream legbar and for the most part males are very calm and friendly birds. My current CL male that I have is one of the best males I have...
My kids all learned cursive in public school. My oldest started homeschool last year which was 8th grade and I had her practice cursive once a week. This year 9th grade we arent doing cursive for her. Even my 4th and 5th grade public school kids will practice cursive at home on occasion on their own. I know its not neccessary but I want my kids to be able to read and write it.
Exactly! This is the exact facility i was thinking of when i posted a few posts back about donating male chicks. I have been in contact with them in the past and they told me the entire process the chicks would go through.And to duluthralpie - I absolutely do not believe this is a dream world scenerio. Many animal facilities are in need of food donations and reguardless of how humanly they are killed (which im sure at most facilites that work with animals they do things...
I have had many male cl over the years. I always felt stuck when i saw the males in the incubator. I know some people very likely kill male chicks at hatch, which is ok for some but not somethjng i would personally do. I find cl males have a decent amount of meat, and have always processed mine around 14-16 weeks and while a bit smaller still had enough meat in my opinion to continue to raise my cl male to put in the freezer. Another option you can look into is donating...
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