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Unfortunately your cockerels are not Cream Legbar, at least not pure. Your cockerels have red earlobes, pure Cream Legbars have white earlobes ( see my cockerel in my profile pic). As for sexing chipmunk striping can be on both sexes as chicks though the do appear different if you know what your looking for. Tell tale sign on chicks is large head splotches on males heads(females sometimes do have very small head dots). Also the size of crest feathers is not a correct way...
These are in fact all cockerels with the exception of what looks like one pullet in pics 1 and 2 that is leaning downward. Cream Legbar are easily sexable as chicks and all the way through adult hood, never is it hard to differentiate. The person who sold them to you should have known what they were selling you.
I'm not really sure what to say. A suggestion though that I do on all my eggs is to write the set date on each egg individually with a sharpie. It makes it so much easier to keep track of the days.
Where are you located? Are you looking for local eggs to you or shipped also?
If it's not too personal can I ask what they charge for "straight run" chicks of an auto sexing Cream Legbar?
I'm wondering if your little chick might not be pure CL. First CL are 100% sexable at hatch there should be no confusion or mistake, and second the reddish brown face is throwing me off. It almost looks like maybe it could be a red sexlink chick with a CL rooster as one of the parents. The reddish brown face would mean girl. I could be very wrong so I hope someone else chimes in on this chick. It's just the thought I got when I saw the face pics.
Looks like possibly a VERY dark male. It looks a little different to me, I almost wouldn't look at it and say "Hey that's a CL" but I am comparing to the typical light downed males, some flocks do produce dark downed male chicks. The head spot is very tiny though which when I see that I think of one barring gene not two. Do you have a side view of its face? Does your chick source breed CL?
Do you have a pic of this chick you can share :)
You can use a CL rooster to make sexlinks. Because he is gold based you can cross him to a silver based hen to make Red Sexlinks which you can sex at hatch by down color, not by the head spot.
Glad to hear some CLs were there. Hmm Im not sure how a Rees pullet would be in molt though, they only just got released for sale through GFF this Spring I thought  Im looking forward to seeing the pictures.
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