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I haven't heard of this yet with CL females. All my CL females tend to be very quiet I never hear much out of them other than the occasional egg song. With your pullet being 18 weeks she may be getting her voice and starting to practice the song in her own way. The loudest males in my yard are by far the CL males. The loudest females I have are my Spitzhauben, quiet noisey at times lol.
Thanks @ChicKat for the photo complements. I love taking pictures of my chickens I cant help it. I think I have thousands of chicken pictures stored on my computer lol.   And I am not insulted by the pullet age progression. If you ever need pictures for any of the discussion please ask, I love to help.   Im in love with this little pullet I can t wait to see her mature. I am really looking forward to next spring to start hatching some more. I have even been considering...
 I hope you get more chicks. Congrats on the pair.
Do you have pics of your JR cockerel also?
She is a BEAUTIFUL Cream Legbar mix breed. I have seen many CL mixes that look extremely similar to pure CL. The first thing I noticed about your chicken is that she has red earlobes, CL have white earlobes, and then of course the feathered legs which CL also doesn't have. I would agree with @donrae and say you likely have an Olive Egger, at the very least you know you will get some shade of a blue/green egg no matter the mix.
I had CL x SLCochin and SLW as well. They do make very pretty chickens with beautiful marking. I called mine Emerald Sexlinks.
It seems that Legbar roosters are a hit or miss with personalities. Some seem like horrible little creatures lol while others are much better and less suspicious of people walking around.  I have had my share of both.  I cull for bad personalities. If he is your only CL male you can breed him and then try to keep one of his hopefully better looking and better mannered sons.
The Black Orpington x Barred rock cross will create sexlinks, the Males have the head spot, females do not. Black Orpington x Silver Laced Wyandotte cross I do not believe will create Sexlinks. If you use a gold based Male crossed to the SLW that would work.
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