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Same here, i have seen very few this year. Im wondering if they dont like the nectar i put out this year.
He is a cockerel.
Ive never actually tracked their egg laying. But im pretty sure she does, or did. She is roughly 15 months old and has always had a male with the., i just rehomed him 2 weeks ago and she started crowing last week.
Oh my, I have a crowing cream legbar hen lol. She recently started after I rehomed the cock from their pen.
Yes this really works. The combination of the red based male crossed to a silver based hen will give you Red Sexlinks. The barring in this cross plays no part in sexing since the male will pass a barring gene to every chick.Chicks in this type of cross will be male chicks that have a more yellowy/silver appearance and female chicks will have a more reddish brown appearance. I have pictures of chicks that are CL male X SLW female also CL male X SLC hen on this thread on...
Thank you! And congrats to all the winners!
I have a young Standard Bred Barred Plymouth Rock cockerel available. He is roughly 9weeks old. He was s single chick raised by a broody hen that is done raising him. So far he is sweet, friendly and very confident within the flock. Pm me if you have questions or want to arrange pick up for him.
I like his crest, its good, i dont think its crazy. His comb is staight toward the back with no curve which is good but be aware that he has far too much comb causing it to get all the folds in the front. His comb looks thin also if that makes sense. Not to mention the points on the comb are not evenly serrated. As you mentioned the earlobes are not good.But of course comb and earlobes are not as important as working on body type.How many males do you have to pick from, is...
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