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Thats how my boy is too. Though my alpha male is an 3 year old cream legbar. Hes the best. Protective yet polite. Dances and calls hens to food, he lets them eat first. He watches over nearly 30 hens and divides his time accordingly. He even rotates the nights that he spends in each coop. Love him to bits. My beta male is a young barred rock male. Also polite with the hens and never over steps with the CL male even though hes twice as big. The CL male keeps him in his...
To me she looks more like a cream legbar mix. My guess is maybe she is an easter egger or olive egger, likely she will lay green or olive eggs. Just my opinion, i very well may be wrong.
Im here in the freezing cold with you. Terrible weather. I havent let my birds out of there coops yet this morn, i will probably around lunch time.My cl lost his comb last winter so hopefully no more damage will occur.
I agree, not Cream Legbar. They look more like Plymouth Rock mixes. Maybe Black Sexlinks.
My 9th grader uses time4learning. The leasons are a bit cartoonish/corny, silly is not my DDs cup of tea but the lessons are good. I like it and they also have a parent forum.
What color is the Cochin hen?
I dont think that a bloodied clutch of chicks is normal at any age or to be expected. I've raise many clutches over the years and I've never had blood drawn. With the exception of grown males attacking eachother on occassion, all of my chicks, juveniles and adults have all managed to figure out the pecking order without drawing blood.
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