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Oh hey. Aren't you the person that was in the other warrior cat rp as well?
Well I didn't actually think about that.. but if someone doesn't mind making a hen that would nice but only if they don't mind.
Oh and I forgot to add that if Bo had a mate I would like it to be a hen.
Great! This is my character: Name: Bo Age: 6 months Breed: Silkie Gender: Female Personality: Determined to get higher in the pecking order, not a pushover, fearless, always looking for action and adventure, acts tough but is secretly caring Rank: Fledgling Parents and siblings: dead Flock: LeafFlock Mate: None Chicks: None Other: Fuzzy the silkie was abandoned in the woods by her owners and later went broody and hatched Bo and her sibling. Later Bo's mom and sister...
Hello fluffers, I wanted to know if I could join the rp?
I think I found a different warrior cat rp so i suppose I bother you all anymore. Peace out!
I'm looking for warrior cat rp so I was wondering if I could join this one?
(By the way I said okay to peepersmama not about writing a summary about what happened in this rp. Sorry about any confusion.)
Wow that's a lot of roleplaying you guys do! I am really into roleplaying as well.
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