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Do you have pics of your Isbar breeding stock?
I am really loving that green speckled egg!!! Id be happy with those.   I have also wanted to try Speckled Sussex, Chantecler, or Faverolle would be ok to try as well :)
Oh gosh! Such a cute little curly chicken :)
Im posting just save my place, I love these hatch a longs, great people and lots of fun. Im not officially in but may if I end up with an odd time of the year broody, we'll see.
  This is last years hatch a long thread. You can find the new thread for the 2016  7th annual New Years Hatch a Long here
I have available 2 Heritage Barred Plymouth Rock males, these are not hatchery but from a breeder. They are nice looking males and much better quality than you will find in hatcheries. They are 6 months old and its time they moved on to a flock of their own. PM me if you have questions or interest.
Pictures will definitely help. Scabbing on the face makes me think possible fowl pox. Try to search it and see if she fits the description.
From what I gather, most Silkies prefer to pile on the floor of the coop together. If very low roosts are provided, or ramps to low roosts are provided, some will choose to roost. I have 6 Silkies and 2 or 3 of them like to roost.
Because EE are already mixed breeds you cant always be certain of their genetic make up, therefore no a CL male would not make dependable sex link chicks. You can however cross a CL male(which is gold based) to a silver based female to create Red Sexlinks.
So cute! A more WInter hardy CL would come in handy for many peoples flocks :) I know I have battle frostbite for a while now.
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