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That sounds like it would work. You need to set the quarantined chickens up as far away from you existing flock of chickens as possible. I quarantine either in my garage in a built in wall unit my DH built me and do not open the garage door at all during quarantine. The other option for me is on the opposite side of my house that is far from my other animals I set up a rabbit hutch with wire fencing surrounding it. I have also used large dog crates. Any set up will really...
I always quarantine no less than 30 days, that is my preference. Some people only wait 2weeks I don't think its long enough.
 Again chambe94 says it exactly. The barring on the female offspring is usually faint. This is one of my CLxSilver Laced Cochin crosses, the father was the CL (this cross is a Red Sexlink) This is the link to the Cream Legbar hybrid thread if you would like to see other CL crosses that have been done or to have further more in depth discussions with others that do some of the fun CL crosses
  Like chambe94 says, The Legbar being a barred male will pass on a barring gene to all his offspring so you will not be able to sex the chicks using this method. However because Cream Legbars are gold based you can cross them to silver based hens to create Red Sexlinks, these you will be able to sex by down color.
Yes that is correct. The Legbar hens will pass the barring gene on to her sons only so all the chicks hatched with head spots are male and will have barring.
Congrats on the great hatch! Here is the link to the White Sport CL thread
It is not recommended to keep 2 toms with only one hen. The first major concern is come Spring which is prime mating time all the way through early Fall they will continue to mate her repeatedly and they will fight each other while one is trying to mate. They will at some point very likely rip her open. I have been keeping 2 Toms myself with my first year only 2 hens and my second year with 6 hens and my hens have still suffered majorly, some with large open gashes across...
I only have 3 JR birds and they are still so young and I didnt raise them from day olds. I also can only compare them to my current flock of CL so its hard to make a comparison only small personal judgments. As mentioned above they "seem" smaller to me than my current CL and also "seem" slower to mature.  The JR cockerels comb is wonky and sweeps/falls over his eye. he is still very young to judge but he seems like he is going to have a little more chestnut on him than I...
Here is my JR trio. Not positive on age. Im not a huge fan of them so far, but I do like them and I am so excited to try to work with this line. Cant wait to start hatching from them to see what I get.   Cockerel   cockerel   Cockerel with pullet 1    Cockerel with pullet 1    pullet 2    pullet 2    pullet 1 and pullet 2
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