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@ChicKat   My pullets seem more gray than brown, though they are showing brown smudging throughout the gray of the body and wings. I would consider them to be a  more cooler gray tone rather than the warmer taupe/brown we see sometimes.   This pullet so far is more gray than anything, though I have not fully looked her over. But she has a dark crest.  
Exactly @ChicKat wing pic is a great example. The color smudges are so faint on his wing but you can see it.   Here are 2 of my CL males, one cream the other gold This is an example of a cream Cream Legbars wing. Notice it shows no color besides gray and white.   and here is the gold Cream Legbar male I originally had (he carried a cream gene also, his offspring were 50/50 cream/gold) he has color smudges which we do not want to see on the wings.
I agree with @donrae and the others above. As I have already mentioned on another thread when you were asking the same questions. These definitely are not pure Cream Legbar. And the only way they would be sexlink is if the CL cock was crossed to a silver based hen creating red sexlinks. But if you think the other possibility besides pure CL is CLxRIR mix then that again will not make for a sexlink cross.   Also like mentioned above it is true the "breeder" may not be...
Males are supposed to be colored more like your male on the right, the lighter creamier color. If you look at the cream males wing it will give you an idea if he is actually cream or gold. Spread the wing open and if it is free from color and only showing gray and white then he is cream. The more colorful males are gold in color and carry the gold gene and will pass it on to offspring so color wise not ideal. If you open the gold males wing you will notice he has gold...
This is Violet, she is an Olive Egger just over a year old. This is her 1st molt. All other breeds category.        
Thanks. Cull day is next week. He is officially on the list now.
Im a little bummed. I just noticed that the cockerel I was debating on keeping due to his long back and low tail angle seems to have a separation in the back of his comb, it separates into two side points at the very back. This should be an automatic cull correct?    
I looked over the SOP but didnt see it, how many points is correct for a Marans comb?   Edited because I found my answer
Do you have the link to the ebay listing you bought from by chance? I haven't yet heard of anyone refer to their CL as English Cream Legbars, maybe they meant Cream Legbar that they are breeding to the British SOP?
Did you get any blue eggs from that shipment or were they all sort of greenish tinged? They definitely don't look like CL chicks. Or like @ChicKat  said maybe they mixed up your eggs and you got something else instead.
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