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I haven't finished reading the thread yet so Im not sure if anyone has suggested this as an ID but I wonder if it is possible that this bird is a chicken guinea hybrid. It does somewhat resemble some I have seen. This cross is possible though the offspring are sterile.
Has anyone ordered the Cornish Cross from Ideal? I usually use another hatchery but thought I would try this one since the prices seem to be a little better.   I was curious if they ship well and also how is the CX stock from them?
The Broad Breasted vaiety(they come in White and Bronze) do get very large it is what they are bred for. They are the commercial type turkeys that one would buy in a grocery store and are considered meat birds. Meaning they do not breed naturally and need to be artificially inseminated to reproduce. They are meant to grow very large in a short amount of time and should be processed for meat and not kept as pets(though some people do keep them as pets with a very restricted...
I agree it does sound like maybe heat stroke of some sort. It could have been brought on by illness but there is no way to know now. Blackhead doesn't actually cause a black head, Fowl pox will cause black spots on the head there is a dry version and a wet version of fowl pox. @lbrykowski2011 If you have pics before process it might help others to help you figure this out.
I will PM you.
Your set up looks just fine. Good luck with your first time, it can be emotional but it is such a rewarding experience. Most people will rest a freshly processed bird in the refrigerator for about 3 days to allow rigor to pass. You will know it is ready when you can easily move the leg or wing and it doesn't feel stiff. Some people that are very quick to process can kill gut pluck and clean in only a few mins and pop it right in the oven but you need to be fast because...
He does look very rough. I personally would have walked away from people that sell birds that look like that. But on the other hand this poult may have better care with you:) How else does he look health wise? Is he active and lively? He seems a bit hunched in the photo though it could just be his stance at the time the pic was snapped.
Scratch feed is not actual food its meant as a treat. At 3 months old turkeys both male and female can now be on a grower/finisher that is 15%protein. You can offer a higher protein though if you would like. I personally still feed me 3-4 month old poults a mix between Gamebird starter and a grower/finisher combined. Gamebird feed is what he should have been on from hatch until now since they need the high protein to grow properly.
This is correct. A barred hen can be crossed to none barred (also not white) male to make Black Sexlinks. You can also use a silver based hen crossed to a gold based male to make Red Sexlinks
From that angle it looks like a pullet due to the distinct eyeliner stipe.
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