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CL hens crossed to the correct males(not all males) will create Black Sexlinks (not auto sexing chicks though). And I already mentioned about the CL male in the above post:)
The right barred male can :) and the CL male is one of them. If you cross a CL male (gold based) to a silver based female, this results in Red Sexlink chicks :)
  Its good to know you are happy with the chicken, it looks very sweet. You may want to mention it to the person "breeding" Cream Legbar so she is aware also. I wish you luck and  I do hope its a pullet, but Im still leaning towards cockerel.
This male is not a Cream Legbar.
Its not up yet. Easter is on April 5th this year. I think hatch day is usually planned the day before, so the 4th should be hatch day I believe. This means set day is March 14. My guess is the thread will be started about a month early so everyone has time to join and get set up for eggs etc. So my guess is the thread might be up in a few short weeks, maybe mid Feb. This is just a guess lol but hope it helps with a timeframe.
I was thinking the same thing. @kacklinghen did you type correct and say "she" was a 2.5month old CL pullet? In all honesty my first thoughts when I saw the pics were young mixed breed male. Did you get it as a chick? or recently? Also did you see the parent birds?
Very Exciting!!! Congrats!
 How are you sexing these, by head spots or by down color? I only ask because looking at the cross you used to make them Im not sure I see how you would sex them either way.
It is a shame isn't it!? Lucky for me anyone I know or talk to either doesn't like chickens or is sick of hearing about them so I have no one trying to plow there way through to see them lol. I have had a customer or 2 irritated at me for not allowing the to view my birds saying oh well I would no what you were talking about but your keeping your birds a secret or out of view etc. But I have absolutely no problem letting those people walk away if they don't like it. I also...
Yes the barring should be present in all females regardless of crest color. I just liked the pic because the wind blew and it showed her barring better than if it was laying regular :)
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