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Happy Friday everyone!!!   I woke up today and Winter finally decided to join us lol. We went from Spring like weather to full blown snow storm over night... I was really feeling like Spring was here and was having wonderful thoughts of hatching and warm weather. Now we are almost under a foot of wet heavy snow... Sigh. Ill just keep thinking Spring thoughts.   I had a woman scheduled to come pick up a Barred Rock cockerel today, the snow changed plans. I hope she can...
Good Morning all   You guys are so chatty, I cant keep up lol. I had to skip past close to 2000 posts
You can also cross a Golden Laced male to a Silver Laced female to get sexlinks.
That sounds like a fun assortment!!!
 Im glad to be here with you all. Im sure I will likely hatch, its been nearly a year since I set eggs in the incubator. I will definitely post when I am certain. For now I will be following in all the antics that are sure to be happening. BYC friends are just the best!
I just saw that Eater is in March this year... I didn't realize it was early this year. I really dislike snow on the ground at Easter time, makes egg hunts for the kids not as fun. Not to mention egg hunts for me from my girls lol, I hope they start laying. The pullets I would like to hatch from are not in with a cock bird yet, also they are 8months old and not laying yet so here is hoping I can get them moved to be with their male counter part soon and that they start up...
I LOVE the Easter hatch a long! I may be in, that is if my chickens decide to give me eggs, and provided I have the space for the chicks.
Im right there with you lol.  I found the thread yesterday and caught up, now Im over 200 posts behind.
I see this thread is quite old but thought I would post anyhow. I have around 40-50 chickens, though I plan to down size significantly. Our family has been researching parrots for quite some time since our 9 yr old DD has been obsessed with parrots for YEARS. We are possibly looking into a White Bellied Caique.   It didn't even dawn on me until last night that maybe chickens and parrots could possibly transfer disease to each other and now that has me nervous, mostly for...
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