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If you have space to grow them all out for a little while I would suggest holding on to them all at this point and then choose the ones you would like to keep after you see how they are maturing. Even though the Rees line comes from a quality breeder with show winning birds it doesn't mean the offspring are all going to be show/breeder quality. Just my 2 cents, Its what I personally would do, I don't want to see you sell off the better ones by accident  
Thank You!  These are my second generation chicks and I am very happy with how they are turning out. I am loving the look of this little cockerel so far, he is about 3weeks old and his barring is great so far, his only fault as of yet is he has a crooked/bent toe and I was advised not to use him for breeding just incase it is genetic and not do to faulty incubation. I do plan to grow him out for the freezer and that will give me a chance to see how he matures and next...
Typical age is said to be roughly 24weeks.
Here are a few more side by side comparisons that I have posted before that may help of a cream in color Cream Legbar pullet and a gold in color Cream Legbar pullet. I also agree that the 2 pullets posted above are gold in color.          
I really like your cockerel! Its hard to tell in the pic but is he crested?
Definitely post some pics. Sometimes it is hard to tell what is going on in pictures but they help if you need other points of view on them. Try to get good close full body side shots of them, even front and back views help.
Congrats on your Legbars! Your hen looks nice! I hope your little cockerel turns out nice too. Are they from the same source? If so do you know how closely they are related?
@Ruralpearls since you don't have chick pics do you happen to have a few up to date pics you could post?
Cant wait! Im excited for you! I wanted a trio also but I went with a pair. I keep going back and forth in my mind and I might go back and see if I can get one more pullet. There was another pullet I liked also and I think I want her lol. We'll see, I will sleep on it.
I only had a few to pick from, so yours were separated already from the ones I veiwed so I didn't get to see them:(   I believe one of your girls looks similar to the pullet I posted. How many are you getting? She told me she was shipping you out some birds, Ill be anxiously awaiting to see some pics of the ones you got.
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