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Congrats on your culling down to your selected breeders and I wish you luck on your next generation. Could you point out some of the qualities that you like in your breeders, and also what your hoping to improve on them? You have already hatched from them correct? If so how are you liking the young ones so far?
 The ones with the white feet are your Cuckoo Marans.
I don't have a male EE but I do have many Cream Legbar males available, they carry the blue egg gene. I may be a bit far though, Im in Rockingham County. Your are welcome to PM me if you have any interest.
  Do you have a picture showing her beside something for size reference? Did the previous owners give you any info on her at all? Im not sure why but the chicken reminds me  of a young Wyandotte male maybe 11-14weeks old. I am not all too familiar with Wyandottes though so its just my thought.
Is it laying eggs?
Looks to be a Wyandotte, Im thinking male due to the red wing bows, maybe a Splash, or some variation of Blue Laced Red.   Whats the age?
I sent you a PM :)
Quote:I think I got an accidental email from you a few days ago, through my craigslist ad:)  Im sure many people here will have eggs but if you cant find anything and your interested I do have Cream Legbar eggs (blue eggs) and I would be happy to help you out for your broody. PM me if you would like. I also have 1 brown egg laying hen in with my CL male and chicks from that cross would lay green eggs.
Oh boy that is horrible. I have one chicken run that has hardware cloth on the bottom half and 1" chicken wire on the top half. The chicks in that coop are getting very large and need the space so I decided this past week to allow them to sleep on the roosts in the run, though I know its not a smart idea because a raccoon would have access to them. I have the hardware cloth I just need to get some wire cutters. Im going to do it tomorrow for sure. Thanks for the scare to...
I am absolutely impressed by the size of Plymouth Rocks. Mine are still very young at nearly nine weeks old but the size is great compared to all the other breeds I have raised in the past and currently. I got a picture today of my 9yr old DD holding an almost 9week old chick and I was amazed how large the chick is in her arms. I told my DH that Im really thinking I might go strictly with BPRs for now on. Not only for the size but laid back, friendly personality to...
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