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Oh thats a bummer. Were down in Derry.
I agree with you on this.Hi from NH as well. I have 15 CL. I have had a few male CL lose their combs unfortunately. I hope the rose combs work out for you.
Thank you! And congrats to the other winners also!
These pictures show a pure CL male and CL mix male. The CL in the top pic is on the left. The CL in the bottom pic is on the bottom.
Entry 2
I agree with this. And yes this is correct.To me, it doesn't look like a CL x BCM. I see the CL features but not the marans.
Entry 1
This is incorrect. Males can pass their barring to both male and female offspring. If he is double barred he would pass a single barring gene to all offspring. If he was single barred he would pass the barring gene to only some of his offspring male or female alike.Using the barring gene to sex, the barred parent needs to be the female(the male parent solid). The barred female will pass a barring gene to all her sons only.
Standard bred Barred Plymouth Rock
I left an ovation but my phone incorrectly auto corrected.Congrats, to her and you.
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