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I like his crest, its good, i dont think its crazy. His comb is staight toward the back with no curve which is good but be aware that he has far too much comb causing it to get all the folds in the front. His comb looks thin also if that makes sense. Not to mention the points on the comb are not evenly serrated. As you mentioned the earlobes are not good.But of course comb and earlobes are not as important as working on body type.How many males do you have to pick from, is...
Yes only one, the rest are hens. They are Cream Legbar(one hen is a cream legbar mix).
5 Barred Plymouth Rock chicks with the best broody mama the Silver Laced Cochin, and very accepting awesome flock members.
I used to, unfortunately I no longer have a male silkie.
I have 11 roughly 2 week old chicks available. They are standard bred Barred Plymouth Rocks. These are not hatchery chicks nor do they have any hatchery blood in them. Ideally I would like them to all go together in one lot. If there is any interest in them please PM me. I am located in Derry NH.
That chick does not look like a Cream Legbar.
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