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I usually order my CX meat birds from Meyers and have really loved the stock I get from them. I don't really want to order from elsewhere but with Meyers increased chick prices and shipping cost being doubled from last year I thought I would look around.   I came across Ideals website and looked up cost and it is currently less expensive to order through them.   I am hoping to get feedback on all aspects of Ideal before ordering from them anywhere from quality of...
I have 7 one week old Bourbon Red turkey poults available if any one is looking to get into turkeys or add to their flocks. My flocks are NPIP.      
Thats a bummer:( but congrats on the chick that hatched.
It is for me also. I told myself I was taking time off of hatching for the summer, but I just started saving up some CL eggs again. I'll set them tomorrow or Sunday.
Your picture is not the best and it is very hard to get a good look.   Cuckoo Marans will have white legs which it looks like yours might have.   Barred Rocks will have yellow legs.
He is definitely a rooster.
That makes complete sense, Thank You.
So you need to be a member of the APA to be able to show?   I do not know anything currently about showing. What do the points get you or do for you as you show?
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