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Ha! I didn't even realize you won twice. Good job! and congrats X2!
Congrats to ALL three of you winners!!! Well done.
Here is my Olive egg. The shade changes a bit every week, sometimes a bit greener other times a bit browner.   Here is todays egg. This is the closest match I could find on the oac.   edited to add - I thought I was posting on the Olive Egger thread lol. This is not an egg from a Legbar cross.
That is such a lovely picture! It was well done.
If you look up towards the upper right corner of the this page you will see a spot that says recent images in this thread click view all and it will open up the photo gallery. You can also go to this thread and view the many pictures people have posted there.
  The offspring are looking good so far!
Congrats @Acornewell Really cute picture!
 I dont love the green eggs but Im not against them, green eggs are acceptable with this breed. That said I definitely plan to somehow better my blue eggs in future generations. I have recently been contemplating getting rid of my Rees male and try to incorporate the Rees pullets in with my other male to see what comes of it. I don't know if I will like some of the traits that will come from this but test mating couldn't hurt. Im not in love with how my Rees male looks and...
  The things we do to avoid shipping on our precious eggs huh!? Next weekend I am driving 2hours one way on my end to meet a woman who is also driving 1.5hours on her end (so nice of her) to meet up so I can purchase some nice quality standard Barred Plymouth Rocks :) So excited!!! Usually DH does the long drives for me but this time it will be me and the 3 kiddos.
lol funny!
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