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I think you just need to post a few more times before you are allowed to post pics. I think your post count needs to be 10 or something but not 100%positive. edited to add I think I was inaccurate
I haven't noticed much of a real difference when candling an upright incubated egg vs. an on the side incubated egg.
 Good rule!
Thank You! Yes I will take their pic here in a few mins.
Thank you that is what I thought but just wanted to be 100% sure.
Would I be correct to say that any daughter offspring of a Cream Legbar rooster, even if her feathers don't show barring, will have the barring gene. And If that is indeed the case will she 100% pass that barring gene to all of her sons there for creating a sexlink(obviously using the correct rooster to cross her with).   This is what I thought was correct since I hatched eggs and the chicks were black and the others were black with white head spots. But as they age,...
   I ran a hot shower in the bathroom and took the bator in there to keep humidity up. I candled all 4 eggs and all 4 ducklings are still moving and doing fine. I looked inside of one pip just a little and everything looks ok. Thanks for the advice. I new ducklings took longer but just wanted to be sure.
I was wondering if anyone had some advice for me. I had posted a few days ago that my 4 duck eggs had all pipped early on day 25 well today is day 27 and they have made no progress at all. I haven't heard any peeps(not that they aren't I might just be missing them) but they have wiggled a bit here and there. Since they aren't actually due to hatch until tomorrow should I let them have the day to make more progress? Im not sure how long since they pipped but its been at...
So cute!
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