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I know the different lines have some different looks, I have had both Chestnut is ok to have but what I am noticing on your males is the chestnut coloring running through the entire wing not just the shoulders, to me that is a possible indicator of a bird that is gold or carries gold. Have you ever opened their wings to get a better look?
I might be incorrect but both your cock birds seem similar and somewhat more gold in appearance. I was wondering what indicators are you using to determine cream from gold?
Male #2 and half brother to the male posted above. Again an older pic, being about 9months in the pic but is now 1 year old this month. Just an extra male, though not as nice as his brother in my opinion. I dislike his saddle and tail feathers.  
This is one of my BPR males. I do need to take a more recent picture though. He was about 9 months in the pic, he is now 1 year old this month.
Oh thats a bummer. Were down in Derry.
I agree with you on this.Hi from NH as well. I have 15 CL. I have had a few male CL lose their combs unfortunately. I hope the rose combs work out for you.
Thank you! And congrats to the other winners also!
These pictures show a pure CL male and CL mix male. The CL in the top pic is on the left. The CL in the bottom pic is on the bottom.
Entry 2
I agree with this. And yes this is correct.To me, it doesn't look like a CL x BCM. I see the CL features but not the marans.
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