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Thanks! I was excited to see my girls just posted lol. Those pics were taken last year. I rehomed them over the summer  since I needed to make room for others. They were super pretty chickens.
  This thread is for Marans discussions period. Not just for Breeder/show quality only. It is obvious that we who do breed, what ever breed it may be, enjoy the specific aspect of preserving breeds and also breeding to the SOP but not everyone does and that is OK. Pretty birds that lay pretty eggs may be just perfect for some people and that should be respected just like we who breed to SOP like to be respected for our points of views. Type respectively to each other. We...
 Dreamer is Beautiful and that Dante is a real looker. I wish you many beautiful babies.I am jealous though lol. My 2 ND does are now 1yr 8months old, I had planned to breed them for the first time this Fall but have yet to get around to it. Sometimes life gets too busy, Im bummed it may have to wait a whole other year. My girls Luna and Gem
I just looked at your facebook page and your birds are impressive, you should be proud.
Here are the ducks DH caught hunting yesterday, 3 in total, 2drakes 1duck. We were very excited! We have never processed duck before, only chickens and turkey. The ducks weren't too hard to process but getting all the fluffy down feathers off was a little difficult and very time consuming. They are resting in the refrigerator now. Ill cook one or 2 up this Fri or Sat, DHs friend gave us a recipe to try. We have never cooked duck before.      
 So sorry to hear that. I wish you the best of luck during this. I hope you get to start over fresh clean and healthy.
So we cleaned the ducks both Mallard 1duck 1drake. They have been gutted, head and feet removed, I dry plucked(and plan to use a hand torch to remove any remaining down feathers. My question is I left the wings on and am having a tough time removing all the wing feathers. Is there going to be enough meat on the wings to go through the hassle or should I just remove and toss the wings? I plan to roast them in the oven whole with skin on.
No ice box but it is only a high of 35 degrees today so I figured they would be fine. He is home and is cleaning them now. Pics to come
DH just went out hunting this morn for ducks and lucky him he got 2 ducks These are the first 2 ducks he has ever got. Im very proud of him. Only problem is he forgot to bring stuff to field dress them. Does anyone know how long can a bird go undressed after it is killed before the meat is potentially spoiled. He is on his way home now so I can dress them but he shot them a little over an hour ago.   Also any tips on processing ducks would be fantastic.
I usually have our Thanksgiving turkeys processed on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. This year not thinking we scheduled it different and they are being done on the Mon prior to T-Day.   3-4 days is probably a good amount of time to let them rest before cooking.
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