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22 Muscovies
Can't comment on regular duck eggs but I have 19 female Muscovy and they lay the most wonderful rich great tasting eggs.  I use to have free chickens as well but once I got the muscovies and tasted the eggs the chickens went bye bye.   The Muscovy eggs taste better than the chicken eggs in everyway...baked, fried you name it and the icecream made with the yolks is beyond description.   The muscovies are just so much easier than the chickens as well, they are basically...
What specifics exactly?  
Update.  The mealworms have now grown to a size that some conclusions can be drawn.     The bin that was 100% manure has about 50% as many MW as the control and is in decline.  Mold was a constant problem in the bin so it is a failure.   The bin that was 50% dried manure and 50% bran did much better and had little to no mold problems.  It has about as many worms as the control.  No size difference noted so do not see a benefit yet.   The real surprise is the...
Today I saw the first tiny worms in the manure bin.......and the beetles are still alive so we know they are mating and laying eggs and those eggs are hatching.  My bins are outside in a shed so it is warm and the warmer it is (within reason) the faster the entire cycle goes. In the next few weeks should be able to start to get an idea as growth rates can be determined.  
I started with larvae so yes the pupated and the beetles are still alive and kicking.  I have not seen worms yet in the 100% manure bin yet though have not really looked very hard.  In the normal bins I do see very very tiny worms so I soon (I hope) to see worms in the manure bin.  I will keep the thread updated I promise but as you know the cycle takes awhile.  It is warm here in Florida so the cycle is faster but still takes weeks.  
I have had one called the Scarecrow for a few years.  They work quite well.  I use to use it to keep the deer out of my blueberry patches. It scares the daylights out of the deer and once it does they give it a wide birth even after I had moved it to a new area.  The device will even work down to robin size birds if they are close to it or squirrels.   It not only senses motion but heat as well.  In the end I fenced the entire property though and that solved the deer...
I would put them where they get the most sun.
In my case it only happens when I did an overhaul.  At some point in the raising process the frass builds up to a level that it needs removed.  Doing that in a closed room was a very bad idea.....well that and the fact I had no idea I was allergic to it.  Now that I know I have no problems with it at all.  
Well I can tell you the ducks like the mealworms as much as the chickens do.   Just a small update as all the pupae have hatched so it is on it's way.  
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