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I have decided to cull a good part of my flock of 24 chickens, to get them to a more manageable number and cull the roos / hens that do not have what we are looking for. I want to take them to be processed, does anyone know of any place near Central Ohio that can do this? (Washington Court House area if that helps)
  We don't have a run, ours are free ranged around the farm from morning to night, they only go into the henhouse at night to sleep. We converted an old summer kitchen into the henhouse, so they have I dunno maybe a 15 x 15 space to sleep in at night. We have sheep and horses as well so our entire property is fenced with woven wire which keeps out most predators.
Thanks folks, all the feedback is very informative. Our roos have actually seemed to calm down a little as the weather has cooled off. They are still getting after the hens a little but it has slowed down dramatically. We have been catching them and petting them though, so I wonder if handling them more often is helping some as well.
Alright folks, here is the skinny:   I have 24 chickens, 20 hens and 4 roos, all about 20 weeks old. I have 17 SS hens and 3 Red Star hens, and 4 SS roos. The roos are being very naughty with the hens, to the point that the hens wont goto their roost at night, and its become a thing to get them to bed. They are also acting aggressive with my youngest daughter, she is 6. They are not flogging her, but they run up to her and bob their head up and down and scare her. I...
We have had days in the mid 90's here in Ohio so far this week. My chickens free range all day, and they have their favorite shady spots they lay in during the hot part of the day and seem fine. I just keep fresh water out to them, so far so good. I'd just say make sure they have some shady spots to get out of the sun and keep them some water.
Hey folks, I have a flock of 21 SS chickens and 3 red stars, 20 hens and 4 SS roos (strait run worked out that way). Anyways, they are 17 to 18 weeks old, and for the most part doing great. Over the last couple of weeks though, the roos have started getting ornery with each other and the hens. To me it looks like the roos are trying to mate the hens, the bite them by the neck and jump on them, hehehe.   I thought it was a bit early since the hens wont lay eggs for a...
Kill it, don't tell your hubby, act like he was right and it left on its own.
Hey guys and gals, I want to get our chickens out of the brooder and outside into their coop. The temps tend to be highs in the 60's and lows in the 30's at night right now. The chicks are 5 weeks old now and are feathered out very well (pics attached). Even though we are getting into the 30's at night is it ok to move them out without a heat lamp?    
We have had ours together for a few weeks using the same starter/grower feed and water, they will be fine. One thing though, the ducks are allot messier than the chickens.
  Is the niacin safe for the chickens as well? I am about out of the 24% feed and plan to reduce to 20% in the next couple of days.   
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