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TSC Tractor Supply Company keeps chicks stocked in our area or you can place a free ad in your local area craigslist or other ads. Here is a TSC store directory locator for states. Oklahoma locations are, ADA,  ARDMORE,  BARTLESVILLE,  BRISTOW,  DUNCAN,  DURANT,  EDMOND,  EL RENO,  ELK CITY,  GLENPOOL,  GUYMON,  IDABEL,  LAWTON,  MCALESTER,  MIAMI,  MOORE,  MUSKOGEE,  MUSTANG,  PONCA CITY, ...
I trained mine to when they hear CHICK CHICK CHICK, they know it is feeding time and it is like watching a drag race to get to the food. I started them out young and just before sunset, I call them them into the coop and give them a small amount to eat and then they go roost.
Very good advice. Spend 30 minutes everyday and leash train the dog until they learn and  follow your commands. Search for video tips on dog training.Here is an example of a video library.
Super Coop! Do you have any Grey Poupon?   
  This is my neighbors run and the barrier grid works for them and it will only keep out hawks.
    Yes the barrier netting will sag especially when splicing it together for width, roll is 48" wide. I left my run posts high and attached to the coop roof and the fence posts. You can cut the width to about 1 foot wide and make a grid pattern like you would fishing line to save on weight and sag.
I have a 20' x 60' run and i used Tenax orange warning barrier that i had left over and use that on half of the run and fishing line on the other half. I see hawks all the time how out in the trees near by but they never go into the run. Here is a link on the barrier for a visual.
A lot of homes in the 60's were built out of 4"x8"x16" cinder block walls installed with mortar. You need to cut the main door, chicken door and window installations. You need specialty tools and fasteners to do this and could possibly rent in your area. You can allow for vents at the top of the wooden roof frames. It can be done, add up all the prices of the hardware and see if it's cost effective.
You may need to add about a 3" piece of wood on the bottom ledge opening to prevent the eggs from get scratched out. Some people have boxes as small as 9" opening.
Two years ago you could buy a calf for $200 a piece. Now the local price is $2.00 per lb. That means a 600 lb calf is going for $1,200. That is a 600 percent inflation increase in two years. Raising egg layers provides inexpensive protein and makes more sense to me. And there is a lot of different recipes to keep a variety going.
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