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Normanack and Dredt, glas is an excellent word, the color of the sea, of grass, or of silver.  Now we need a Celtic or other old word for the color of tropical waters, the aqua blue near a peach and apricot sunset, or the drop of a new mint leaf into a bucket of soft blue sky.  Then, the way I see it a cream legbar egg is a shade softer version.
  Managed to get another up. Ok, color in males increasing left to right.  Very dark female.
On the left my lightest male. Would love to upload more, but experiencing difficulties. Just wanted to say my males will probably begin showing all their color from here on out. There are 12 from an Easter hatch. Many are dark. I went back to the photos of my original GFF males at this age. Even though they are dark, they appear less smudged with chestnut. However, of course, it'll change rapidly in the next 4 weeks. Looking forward to seeing the differences.
Shake it, dancing bunny!
Thank-you on the close up, GaryDean26!  Just trying to get a sense of variation in the lighter tones. Steen, Yes, these goats are easy and more fun than I imagined.  My two oberhasli couldn't be sweeter!  Yet they are very much goats, still prone to getting after things, if the chance arises.  Bought the older in milk, as a first freshner, the younger as a doeling, so this is our first season of kidding.  Both are due within a few days of each other.  It'll either be...
Hi, calling UK breeders, is this what you are seeing in your cream boys?
GaryDean26 thanks for posting this!
  Newly hatched male.  I see reddish brown and slate blue or perhaps it's silver-grey.  He seems like Lonnyandrinda's yellow/orange (not pink) band, so perhaps more likely to carry more chestnut.  Even though I have typically had darker males at hatch, some positive loss of chestnut coloring is happening.      
So I have this lighter male.  Please look at, I see lots of red and slate blue.  My guess is he will have some chestnut.  Lonnyandrinda, showed a nice set of comparison photos on the Cream Legbars thread.  Her more similar lighter male chick appears to have chestnut is this wings.  Those who have more cream in their roos, is this what they looked like upon arrival, or even more silvery, less red?  At some point I believe there may have been a post from the Sheriff on her...
Likewise, albeit I haven't hatched much, but have a friend doing a small hatch, so I'll check on hers.   Do I remember you having a friend with the gold legbars?  It might be nice to see/know their down color on females.  I have always been curious about the gold, being the "brown stripe type", which is described as the ground color being dark brown, but paler than the very dark brown stripe.  It is also added that a pale ground color is to be avoided.  Whereas the cream...
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