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I hope not, we already have an EE right now. The EE's we've had in the past were nowhere near this dark, but I know since they're mutts you never know. 
 Doh! Just googled Buff Brahma they didn't have chick photos on the site. Dead on!! Thank you! That is in the list!
I ordered 6 chicks from My Pet Chicken this year, and 2 are from the "Assorted Rare Breeds". The first one I think is either a Barnevelder (except it's chest isn't that white, more grey/tan) or maybe a Golden Laced Wyandotte which looks more like it, but is not specifically in the list.   Chick #1: Dark brown with chipmunk stripe, and lots of gold spots on face. Lightish belly.         The second one I have no idea. The only breed I can find on their site that...
Thanks for the replies - I would love to keep the roosters if we thought we could keep them safe. We cannot have them at our house because of the laws so they are at a leased property right now and I cannot do anything more than I have done to secure it. The neighbors have had the same problems and have spent a lot of $ to keep theirs secure, and they're at their homes at night so I doubt we can do anything more.      I found a home for 4 of them with someone who shows...
Probably not - seeing as how I would not even be able to do that until the weekend because I have a job and family, and my mother in law is coming in this Friday.   Look, they're nice roosters, and they'd make great pets, but at this point we have invested literally hundreds of hours into trying to keep them safe, and hundreds if not thousands of dollars into housing for our birds, and after 6 months we lost every single hen (over 40) we bought, plus 2 from our original...
No, I will not ship them, they are 6+ months old. That's just silly, honestly. Pickup only, thanks.
We need to rehome our roosters immediately. A predator has killed over 20 of our hens over 3 separate attacks and we give up. I need them gone by the end of the month but sooner is better so they don't get killed too. 2 crested cream legbars 1 Mille fluer leghorn 1 frizzle Cochin 2 blue copper marans 2 olive eggers
Your brain is more active during sleep than watching TV. That's enough to make me not want to watch!
My oldest CL rooster started crowing this week - it sounded like he was dying, I swear. My other Roos have all started with a perfect crow, but this was like a dying cat. It cracked me up. Hopefully his girls will start laying soon now! This breed matures so slow!
We think it was a pack of dogs, the neighbor said he saw them. 
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