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I live in CT where it has been very cold at night. My 3 ducks wont go into their coop at night on their own. It is an up-purposed Little Tykes playhouse with hardware cloth over the windows and an acrylic panel over the upper half of the dutch door. I have a rigid foam insulation covered in heavy duty plastic on the ground with at least 5" of straw/hay over that. If I don't go out and herd them in, they will just wander around quacking all night. Why won't they go in on...
Last weekend I got two new ducks (reportedly 1 & 2 yrs old). Since then, whenever I let my dog out back my khaki drake (6 months old) runs over and starts biting at the dog. The dog has been okay around the ducks & my 10 chickens up until now but I am worried that she might "turn" and bite the duck. When I have seen it happening I shoo the duck & try to reassure the dog but am worried a bit. Any suggestions?
Yesterday afternoon I got two ducks from a lady. She says 1 is a tufted khaki campbell/runner cross and the other a runner. I have a six month old drake pure khaki. This morning while I was & trying to make myself familiar to them, I noticed the 2 girls are almost always twiching, flicking their wings. Their feathers are not as smooth, sleek and shiny as my male. They are also very skittish, even at her place. Admittedly, the first thing that I noticed was that her...
Was wondering everyone's opinion on the ideal drake to duck ratio. I have a drake near 5 months old (got his curly tail feather) and wanted to get 2 females. The woman who has some said 4 - 6 females would be better. I positively do not have time or room for 6, not even sure about 4 more. Anyone out there have a thought on this? Thanks!
Thank you so much for the advice! I've had chickens for a year & half, he is my first duck.
I know this may sound strange but do you think the "age difference" matters?
I have a male Khaki Campbell born mid-March. I want to get a female. Would it be ok to get one that is about1 yr old already & laying? Would they have problems getting along? I do have the option to get 2 females. Would that be better? Thanks!
I have always garden with pretty good success and not used any insect control except pulling off the occaisional offender. This year i started noticing on my potatoes (first time planting) and now on my tomatoes, lots of tiny holes. Flea beetles from what I have read. Although the plants are fenced in the protect them from my 10 chickens & 2 ducks appetites, this bug problem is getting worse. What can I use that is safe when applying (floating/spraying in air) or once on...
I have 6 various breed hens that are 15 months old, 4 various that are 3 1/2 months and 2 Khaki Campbells (male & female). They have separate coops & nighttime runs but all free range all day. The last couple of weeks the ducks have become very bossy, chasing & nipping at the chickens when I put treats out. I put the treats in 3 separate areas, well spaced but the ducks still chase them. Is this behavior normal? Can I do anything different?
I have 6 hens (various breeds) 15 months old that have all but stopped laying. They were doing just great but then 3 started acting broody, and egg production went down. Now no one is broody but it's gotten very hot here the last 2 weeks & there are feathers everywhere! They free range all day and we have lots of forsythias that they go under to stay cool. Normal age for moulting? Heat induced?
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