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I Have a 4x6 elevated coop with a 10x10 dog kennel attached for sale in Opelousas Louisiana I built it 2 years ago and it has linoleum floor and roost. a large clean out door for the shavings and a hinged top for the nesting boxes.
yup....   I also got my chicken water nipples Friday, I orderd 10 for 6.15 off ebay and they sent me 11, (came from China ) all i needed was 4 so now i have extra, I guess the USA cant make them cheap.So i hooked them up to some 1 inch PVC and a 5 gallon bucket, it only took them a hr to figure out that was going to be there water so today i removed the trofs. the girls act like its a game one will peck it an the others try to get the water drop after it hits the...
well today i had to laugh at my wife, She is scared of chickens but we sit out back every evening and watch them do their thing. we were sitting talking and she wants easter eggs now. I told her the coop is only for 6 chickens and we have six girls already. she insisted that 1 more would not hurt, and my reply was the chicken math. and she replyed WHAT IS Chicken math. so i explaind that to her. then i mentiond the swap in Opelousas hahaha so now we must go to the swap.
I think it is fishy myself and i will leave it at that   Great Photo BTW
well today i got home from work and the girls were in the coop still, I let the dogs out to do their duty's and put them back in the house. I went to check on the girls and they were outside in their run. they finaly figured out they could go in the yard with out being attacked,, i did kick one of the cats tho, she was stalking with me rite there hope that took care of the cat tho (didnt kick hard) was just enough to brake her concentration.
Looks like i will be making a city council meeting
will this include our chickens?!prettyPhoto/0/    the sad thing is i Know where the city is coming from i would comment more but i would prolly get banned from teh BYC site and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be knocking at my door due to people not knowing what it takes to raise livestock!  
is it normal for the girls (6 weeks old) not to leave theit coop unless im out with them?   they haev the 10x10 area and i open up the coop at 6am and i get home around 4:30pm they will not leave the coop untill i get home and call them out
just checked on teh girls and they are all cuddled up with each other and the tarp pooled a little bit and yes i am glad i took ya'lls advice it worked out great! I think i will need to put a over hang on the screen neer the roof, a little bit of water ran down the inside of the walls but nothing serious.
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