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Taking note.  There are no other symptoms, though.  No discharge, no funny breathing, no odd feces.  This has been going on (and off) for about 6 weeks, even more I think.  I'll go back and check and spend some more time in the coop.       Should I give them antibiotics as a flock?  This has not been acute at all and all the other birds look fine.  They are isolated from other flocks.  I would agree with sinus swelling, but as I read up on the various respiratory...
What is up?     This started as Bella went into a round of broodiness.  She is out of that, now, but still not looking great.  She seems a bit sluggish, but not lethargic.  She is getting picked on a little by one hen.  She doesn't seem that bad, but not good either.  I don't see any sign of mites, as far as her uberfluffy cochin body can tell me, and her vent looks good.       One side.  Looked worse yesterday.           Other side close up....
Yes, many folks do feed them grower plus calcium and often scratch grains.     I generally give them layer, though.  Right now they are on grower+ for a couple of weeks because my pullets are integrated.  I've had experience with one of my confined hens getting fat off grower (but not the others--maybe something else was wrong) so I've been hesitant.  I know they love the grower much more.  Maybe it's the brand, maybe because I use corn-and-soy free and the grower...
Some folks prefer grower for chicks specifically because it isn't medicated.  I know I've been won over by that argument.
The difference is usually that starter is medicated, grower is not.  As far as I know, both are OK.  We use organic feed which is only available in grower-- about 20% protein, same as starter.     She's doing just fine.
What a pretty guy!  And what a gorgeous photo.   I don't know, just bumping the thread.
Look more closely (at your RIR) at the neck feathers (hackles) and the feathers on the back, just in front of the tail feathers (saddle feathers).  They would be growing in pointed at this age for cockerels.  Pullets would have more obviously rounded ends on their tail feathers, and usually straighter than cockerel tail feathers, (which curve downwards, sometimes just a little, other times a lot) and no sickle feathers.
The BR is definitely a roo.  Even with the little I know, I am confident of this one.   The RIR with the sickle feathers is probably a cockerel as well.  Pullets do not have sickle feathers (the 2 long feathers at the top of the tail.)  But for that one, you'll want to rely on another opinion.
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