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Not a sebright.  Wrong comb, no lacing.
I don't doubt that my guesses are unreliable.  I can see what you mean about the red.
Close, but your silberblaue have yellow legs (lovely ladies!), and the blue in question has slate legs.
Pictures with a natural stance would be easier, but here are my guesses:   1. cockerel 2. pullet 3. pullet? 4. cockerel 5. pullet
Are the birds in the last photo different individuals from the other pics?  I'm seeing pointed saddle feathers on all but those in the last pictures.  Those 2 are unclear to me.  If I was butchering, I would wait on those.  The others look like roos to me. 
I use rubbing alcohol liberally all over hands and rub together, then wash twice with soap and rinse.  Works very well for peppers, though by now (1 day later) you are over it.   That trick works for tree pitch and slug slime.
No.  No lay, even now at 17 weeks.  Maybe she just is redder in the picture.  None are particularly red now.  More pink.
She was about 15 weeks in that picture.
Partridge rock from Feathersite:     You see she has penciling all over, no salmon on the breast.   ETA:  My vote is on the Welsummer, but I'm often wrong about these things.  If it was a hatchery order, you could be seeing some variation.
Black breasted red pullet (bantam)
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