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We grew some from Raintree nursery.  I wish we had time to let them get large.  The berries were mild and sweet, with a hint of blueberry flavor.  Very mild berry.  Tough plant.  Pretty.   However, I would not let it take up prime real estate in the garden, simply because we didn't experience the heavy crops.  That could have been our circumstance.  I would definitely plant it on the edges, in the edible hedge because of its low demands.  However, we haven't prioritized...
Mine's missing the beard as well.  Darnit!  I think those are cute.
Sorry... on top of the tail, not the head.  It's just a trick of the camera angle then.  Individual pictures would be nice.
So cute!  Aack!      Anyway, bumping this thread along.  I have no clue. 
 That silver in the back has a roo-ish tail.  I see suggestions of sickle feathers on top.  They aren't particularly pointy, but you can see it's different from the gal in front of him.
She looks exactly like my EE.  She is our best layer, has the prettiest, shiniest feathers.  All around our best bird in the flock.   Enjoy her.  I hope she gives you green eggs!
The coloring you mention includes that rust you see on his wings and back.  And yes, comb size can be a murky indicator at first.  The color is better in some ways, but that assumes it shows up early.  And in many color varieties, the coloration is not distinctive from the female.  So "more so than the comb" I would say "Sometimes, that's true".
OK.  I hear chickens aren't supposed to eat rhubarb.  Mine love rhubarb, though I get egg problems if they eat too much.  I let them have rhubarb and they are fine!   But how many people here know what kind of clover their chickens are getting?  Mine eat white clover that grows in the lawn, and red clover if they are lucky.  The nearest sweet clover (yellow species) is a mile away.  I generally take these lists skeptically.  Any lists that include "clover" but don't...
Great link. I was responding to the other guy; assuming you are talking to me not someone else which might be the case...... where's the dizzy-dude smiley when I need it? 
Bump again.  We are just learned about Old English Game, and your little roo looks like the black-breasted variety.  But mainly I just wanted to bump the thread.  I really don't know for sure.
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