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Bump.   No barbed feather development= silkie???   Anyone?
That tail is very hennish-looking at this point, but it's hard to get a clear view of the hackle feathers or the saddle feathers.  I see some suggestions of pointy-ness.  Again, the white makes it hard to see in the photos.  Overall, it seems rather hennish in general to me from the pictures.   I'm done guessing!
I'm not familiar with silkies and have no idea how their development compares with other breeds.     Unfortunately at first both pullets and cockerels will exhibit similar behavior, including cock fights and attempts to crow.  But just like human boys and girls who both like to climb and jump, the boys will eventually be more persistent with this behavior as the girls start toning it down.  Some cockerels will start to take on their role as flock protector and finder of...
Hard to see feather shape on that white.  I initially agreed with "roo", if so those feathers still have some growing to do.     Orpington?
Single comb, yellow legs... not EE at all.  I can see what it isn't, but I'm not the person to guess what it is.
Pullets, all of them it looks like to me.  Their feathering is very modest and uniform.
Agree.  Cockerel.
How old?   Nothing screams "cockerel" to me, but depending on the age, those legs are looking quite thick and the chick has that "beefy" male quality to it, so that's my guess.  The comb would entirely depend on the age.  8 weeks?  The older the chick, then more likely that I would assume you've got a pullet.   But it's not for certain.  Maybe someone with more experience can confirm.
Two weeks old and no comb development might mean a rose comb breed.  (Or other comb?)  Single combs are usually obvious at this age.
Ooooh, pretty gal!   Just wanted to say that.  
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