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I have a Lavender Orpington hen and rooster, two brown leghorn hens, one australorp hen, one americana hen, One Splash langshan Rooster,  3 baby pullets 2 golden sexlinks and one delaware oh and one hen that I am thinking is a dorking.
Black makes the yellow stand out and black goes with everything.  
I  have a one year old RIR and she is a sweet heart.  She is so gentle and my little boy totes her around she wont jump in our lap anymore but if we bend to pick her up she does not run.  She will eat out of our hand too.  She is my fav.  Her and our Tophat we call beep beep.  
Sussex are wonderful chickens.  I had one I raised but passed.  She was like a cat.  She did not think she was a chicken at all.  They are great dual purpose birds.  Good egg layers and meaty too.  Although I don't eat mine, they are pets to me.  The best kind of pet.  I feed them and they feed us.  It is a partnership for sure.  My dog just eats and sleeps and poops.  Love him anyhow though. LOL
I raised 3 brown leghorns The rooster I had to get rid of he was a mean boy.  The girls I still have just never can find their eggs.  They hide them.  Now I have 3 white leghorn chicks.  They are so cute.  I hope they tun out great.  My brown girls are so skittish.
Yes that is what I was going to say also. My australorps lay brown eggs with darker specks on them.
Looks like golden sex link. Which lay the best biggest eggs ever.  I have one.  She is egg machine.  I also have a RIR and she is the smartest and one of the best egg layers also.  Very tame.
Thanks, for your help.  Yeah we do sometimes scoop them up, just cause they are so darn cute.  But they don't like it to much.  But at least they follow me and approach for food.  They are fun.  Thanks again.
Thanks, that helps a lot.  I did not know what I was doing wrong or if something was wrong with them.  They are as I say my little yard clowns.  They  like to try to intimidate my chickens and it is quite funny.  They mean business with them though.  They are in a fenced back yard so I don't think they are hiding eggs, but hopefully they will lay soon.  Thanks a ton.
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