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The breed is Araucana, sometimes known as Easter Eggers (because of the green and blue tinted eggs). I have a few myself. They are very good layers, small, and definitely have some funky looking eggs! Hope that helps! Connor
I sent you a private message.
Are the hens still available?
I live in the Pepperell/Groton area and may be interested in the birds. Maybe I could first come see them and decide if they would fit in with my girls. I currently have 10, was recently looking into getting two more to make twelve. Thanks.
How old are the birds? I noticed you said "still laying" so I was just wondering.
Just have to convince my parents now. I'll look on craigslist thanks!
I have a Flemish buck and there are two New Zealand does for sale near me. Should I try it? Also does anyone have plans for a rabbit hutch they built cheap? Looking for some ideas! Thanks:)
Thanks I will try. She is still at my friends house, and she thinks that she is fine debating whether or not to let me try to save her. I hope she's ok. Thanks again.
I need someone to help me ASAP! My friend's bantam hen was stepped on by her HUGE horse and her legs are very splayed. I've been trying to find ideas for a splint but they are all for baby chicks. Does anyone know what to do? She is having trouble eating and drinking, and I want to try and save her! thank you. Connor
I was offered some turkeys from a friend to keep as a breeding pair to sell the fertile eggs. Does anyone know if there is a any business in this? thanks:)
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