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The fact that you had two birds die in a very short time makes me think disease. I would inspect your flock and start treated asap before you get another bird. 
 Those are fantastic looking Maran eggs! Did your birds lay them?
 I will look them up. Thanks.
 I have noticed that as well. I had a Maran cockerel in with a Production red cockerel, as well as a big ol' Brahma cockerel. The Red and the Brahma had so many squabbles, but my Maran never had any issues.
 I have been doing quite a bit of research, and I plan to get a puppy who will do well in a family environment. But, I do want to enroll him in personal protection classes to give him a job, and so he must have an off switch.Who did you purchase Singe from?
I love the sable markings. I plan to get a Sable GSD puppy soon.
 Gorgeous!! Sable gsd, correct?
The photo could be a Japanese mix. I'm not sure about the top bird though.
 Sounds awesome.
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