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No problem!  Hens do get combs when they start to lay, but if your other Silkies don't have combs at this point then it could be that Bridget is a male. 
Beautiful photo! You should enter that in the calendar contest next year!
Yes, the comb is on the top of their head/forehead. Here is a picture of my Silkie rooster's comb. It is completely normal for them to have a dark red undertone. 
No need to be worried. That is the bird's earlobe. Silkies are supposed to have very bright turquoise colored earlobes. 
While I disagree that someone can know everything about chickens, I don't think cracked corn can cause too much of a deficiency if it is being fed along with layer feed. Your bird is probably molting, but if she shows new symptoms you can update us on her condition. 
I second this.  Although I highly recommend Rosecombs (I own and breed them) I have to say it cost a very pretty penny to purchase my starting flock. 
Thank you!  There are bantam and standard Cochins. The bantams are about the size of a basketball; the standards are about twice that size. I purchased both of my girls at a local ABA show from good breeders. Shows are really great places to talk to experienced breeders and buy nice birds. 
What are you feeding? It's odd that she is losing feathers again after just molting, I've had birds molt twice, back to back, but it's not common nor healthy from what I understand. 
That's a good thing.  So her only symptom is losing feathers around her vent? Or is she losing feathers on her body as well?  
Does she have a fowl odor or discharge coming from her vent? It's possible that it could be vent gleet. I would research it and see if the symptoms match because it is important that it's caught early. 
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