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Rare Feathers Ranch is located in Harold CA. I hope to get a male from her in the future.  You can find her on Facebook and she also has an account here on BYC. 
I'd like to enter! I've got 5 fairly old D'anver eggs to set, but I thought I'd give it a try. 
I agree. The first is a Wyandotte, and is a male. I'm guessing the second is a Swedish flower and it is also a male. 
Craigslist is usually a good place to find juvenile or adult birds. Just be sure they are healthy before you bring them home. 
You are correct; the gold and black chick is a golden Sebright. The second chick is a silver duckwing OEGB. 
  Yep, he is a Dutch. The white earlobes and blue legs are a sure sign. 
The chicks are adorable. Probably some of the cutest I've ever raised. Big nostrils, lanky legs, feathery feet. Doesn't get much better than that.  
She is a Russian Orloff. Very pretty!
I have these at our place as well. Some of them have grown absolutely massive. I have no idea why they are called Tree of Heaven. I will have to give the rock salt method a try!
I have a pair of Cuckoo OEGBs for sale if anyone if interested. They were a project of mine, but I sold all of my OEGBs and I no longer have time for them. The rooster is one of the sweetest birds I've ever owned; absolutely no aggression. Please PM me for details.    Located in West Sacramento.   I also have a blue quail d'Anver cockerel for sale to the right home. 
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