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Thank you! I'll get right on that. I've got her isolated, and I think I caught it early, so hopefully she'll have a quick recovery. Thanks!
How do I go about treating vent gleet? Looks like I have a hen with it. 
Fertility is different from hatch rate, correct? Because so far I've gotten 100% fertility. I've only got a pair to work with.  It's incredibly frustrating. I wish you luck with your pair!
Does anyone know what kind of genetic issues could cause chicks to die right before hatching? I've been setting batches of my R.C bantam eggs since late February, and haven't gotten a single chick. I've tried different hatching methods (incubator/broody) but they consistently die around day 17. 
He looks like a blue red to me. 
I have, and only on this site. 
Why on earth would someone go through all that trouble to steal chickens? 
Came over here from the Easter HAL.  Still trying to hatch my Rosecomb's eggs. I've got 6 eggs in the incubator. 
 Do you have any idea how that happened? 
Final count: 4 eggs set, 1 chick hatched. 
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