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He looks like a blue red to me. 
I have, and only on this site. 
Why on earth would someone go through all that trouble to steal chickens? 
Came over here from the Easter HAL.  Still trying to hatch my Rosecomb's eggs. I've got 6 eggs in the incubator. 
 Do you have any idea how that happened? 
Final count: 4 eggs set, 1 chick hatched. 
I have one that seems to think it is her duty in life to go broody. Last summer she raised 3 batches back to back, and would've raised a 4th if I had let her. 
Last night my only good Rosecomb egg started to zip. And I am not ashamed to say I stayed up to watch.  Glad I did too, because toward the end I noticed the humidity had dropped and membrane was drying and had glued the chick to the egg. So I had assist. My old styro bator has been good to me for almost 9 years, but it looks like I will be looking for a new incubator.    Still, I am very happy with my hatch! Even if I only got one chick. 
Finally got a pip! 
I think I'll only be getting 1 chick out of my 4 eggs. 2 made it to lockdown, but I believe one of them died last night. I did a quick candle yesterday to check on internal pipping, and both chicks were moving, but only one was chirping. This morning the other one wasn't moving.    Trying not to count my eggs (or chicks ) before they hatch. But today is day 20. 
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