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Tomorrow morning I will be taking my "odd" colored cockerel to our county fair. I'm really excited to see what the judge says about him. 
BOYS.  What hatchery did you get them from?
Well, I'm a little disappointed. Out of the 16 Rosecomb eggs I received in the mail, only 2 are alive and moving around in their egg.  2 others are hopefully alive, and about 5 others are probably dead. The rest are dead/clear.    I still have hope for the 4, but we shall see. 
Looks like they sold you a Self blue Cochin, instead of a d'Uccle. 
Yep.  I hope to get a polled buck in the future so that we could get some polled babies. 
We just finished de-horning a few days ago. Whew! I'm so glad we're done.  That is one goat chore that is NOT fun. 
Woo hoo! Glad everything is on the right track.   I hope so too. I'm really looking forward to some Rosecomb babies. 
I just set them this afternoon. I read online that it is best to keep the \eggs with rolling air cells stationary during incubation, so I have those two in a piece of egg carton, standing upright. I'm going to manually "spin" them 3 times a day. The rest of the eggs have really wonky "saddle shaped" air cells. I will be incubating them normally (on the turner), but try to keep the humidity down lower to make sure the air cells don't expand more than needed.  Am I doing...
Thank you! Yes, I was very disappointed. I only had her for a few months, but she was a great little bird. 
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