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Congratulations!!  Enjoy you're babies!
We give our hens grass clippings, and leftover human food scraps, and their eggs are bright orange. 
No, not a Dorking; they don't have feathered legs. I'm thinking maybe a Brahma, Faverolle mix.
I'm no expert, but from experience, I've never really been able to tell at 9 weeks. But if you could post a picture of each bird's comb, that might help. 
On the subject of DE and its ability to kill lice and mites.    I used Sevin poultry and plant dust for awhile, but once one of my birds got a slightly irritated red spot on her skin at the place where I dusted her, I switched to DE. I have not had ANY problems not being able to kill lice since I've used it. I purchased an OEGB cock from a show, and when I got home and really checked him over, I found that he had a really bad infestation of lice. They were everywhere on...
That is so cool! Thanks for sharing!
He looks like a Mille Fleur OEGB. Very pretty!
SO cute! I'm excited to see how he turns out! 
How much? They are so cute! Also, do you have an idea of their genders?
Woodland would be great! I would love to get 2 pullets, if you still have some available. 
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