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That Calico is gorgeous! I so wish we could take him, but I barely have room in my coop as it is! 
They've turned into quite impressive little birds! :) I did breed Silkies, until my old breeding male passed away from old age. Now I'm waiting on my new boys to mature. 
That's tough!  Our fair has small animals and large animals as two separate categories. So the large animal kids show large animals and small animal kids show small animals. I would terrified to show a steer! 
Glad to hear it! 
Both are girls.  The blue is about a year and a half. The white is approaching a year. They have such awesome personalities!
Anyone interested in Barred OEGB cockerels?  Send me a PM!        
My two beauties. 
I always zip-tie my show cages shut. The Fur-n-Feathers people don't need to open the cages to feed and water the birds, and since the latches on the cages are so bad, I don't want to take a chance of having someone walk out with a bird, or let it loose. 
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