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The chicks are adorable. Probably some of the cutest I've ever raised. Big nostrils, lanky legs, feathery feet. Doesn't get much better than that.  
She is a Russian Orloff. Very pretty!
I have these at our place as well. Some of them have grown absolutely massive. I have no idea why they are called Tree of Heaven. I will have to give the rock salt method a try!
I have a pair of Cuckoo OEGBs for sale if anyone if interested. They were a project of mine, but I sold all of my OEGBs and I no longer have time for them. The rooster is one of the sweetest birds I've ever owned; absolutely no aggression. Please PM me for details.    Located in West Sacramento.   I also have a blue quail d'Anver cockerel for sale to the right home. 
Could've been a hawk, but there are usually a few feathers scattered. Hopefully she's just brooding! 
My 2 shipped eggs are on day 13 and one of the air cells looks a bit large. It's a saddled air cell. I've kept the humidity between 35-40%. Is there any way I can keep it from growing too much? 
I'd love to know how that goes. You're in another state, so the process might be different, but I've been thinking of becoming NPIP as well. 
I've had one who was always out to get me (I could never turn my back on him) and one that is one of the sweetest roosters I've owned. He lets me pick up his hens right in front of him.    I bought the first one as an adult, and hatched and raised the second one. 
Possibly a dark brown Leghorn? 
I was getting so frustrated. Thank you BYC staff! 
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