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I know I keep saying I want a cockerel from you, but I really do mean it!  I just haven't been able to schedule it in quite yet, so if possible, I'd love to know when they are available. 
Glad to see everything turned out okay! 
Please post in the emergencies and injuries area. You should get a lot more answers there. 
Can you ship?
I had a few birds with it awhile back. Dry kind, not wet. 
She looks like a black sex-link to me. They are great layers. 
I thought so too, but wouldn't the other birds have it by now? 
Oh no. Do have have any ideas as to what caused it in your birds? I think I will go make a post on the disease and injury thread, and I hope the outcome wont be to put them down.   Thanks for the suggestion, I'll do that. 
I couldn't find the paper that came with the bottle, I thought I had pinned it to our cork board but I guess not. Will this do?
I am super disappointed to say that the spinosad caused some nasty side affects for the birds I treated. Very similar to fowl pox (the dry kind), but I'm pretty it isn't. I've dealt with flow pox recently, and the symptoms were not as bad as what the poor chicks are dealing with right now. I sprayed specific birds, ones with more of an infestation than the others, and only those are exhibiting the symptoms. At first I thought it was fowl pox, so I gave them some things to...
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