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The spray worked well, I could see areas starting to heal. Yesterday she was doing really well, she ate and drank on her own, but by evening her comb had turned a very dark shade of purple on the spikes. Her breathing was normal, but this morning she was dead. Sad she didn't make it, but I think I gave her the best chance to recover.  That's great news! Do you think you could share some photos? I'd love to see them. 
Oh ok, thanks.  I've just never heard of Polyvisol. 
Turns out she doesn't have Polyvisol, but she has Pedialyte. I think those are relatively the same?
I think my friend has a bottle of that she used for her rabbits. Thanks! 
Unfortunately she's not too excited about eating anything. She'll drink a whole bucket of water if I let her, but she won't eat anything. 
Yesterday morning into afternoon she was doing really bad. She was desperately struggling to breathe, and I started to consider putting her down. But around 2:30 she was able to breathe normally, and slept soundly. This morning she's doing really well. She's alert (when she's not sleeping), and only coughs occasionally.  I've been giving her water from a dropper because she seems to dislike bending her neck down, and I'm going to give her some scrambled eggs soon. 
Ok, good to know I'm on the right track. Thanks!
We had a predator attack yesterday night. First one in a very long time. One of my hens was dead, no body, just feathers, and I found one with her neck completely skinned. There is a flap of skin and feathers hanging off her chin area. I suspect she either has a punctured lung, or fluid/blood is draining into her lungs because of her very labored breathing and coughing.    I have her in a warm place in my living room, and I have applied Vetericyn to her whole neck. I...
 Well done, and Thank You!  I wish I could've attended! 
UPDATE: The trio is still for sale, BUT, one of the hens hid a batch of 5 eggs and has been sitting on them for a few days without me knowing. The chicks will be from both of the hens and the rooster. I have one other lemon blue pullet in their pen, but she has been molting and is not laying.  I can either wait to sell them until the chicks have hatched and are a few days old, OR, you can buy them now and risk her not staying on the eggs (she is very persistent, so I doubt...
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