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He () looks fantastic! 
Looks like it. At least he's got OEGB in him, for sure, but he could have something else.  He's very pretty. 
Yep! That's a black breasted red OEGB. 
All I can suggest is putting a few egg yolks into her milk, as well as coconut milk, if you have some. We always do that for our bottle babies, and it has seemed to help. 
I don't think I'll be getting any more Silkies from the batch of eggs I set. Hatching day has come, and is almost gone. Sad thing is, I think I'm going to lose the first little guy too. He's not doing well at all.  So disappointing. Momma hen will be upset too; she's gotten used to having the little guy under her.   
The Silkie is out! Thanks for all the help and comments.     I took it out of the incubator and put it under my broody Silkie. She's been answering all of its chirps; so cute! 
I've got some silkies hatching, due tomorrow. One pipped last night, and started zipping, but has done nothing since yesterday afternoon. Its chirping and tapping inside the egg. Should I help it? I know how, I've done it many times before, I just want a second opinion. 
Exactly. I'm just saying the splash could throw some blue chicks, but I don't know what the white bird's genetics are. I've heard in the past that white can hide colors... Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than I can chime in. 
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