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Just to let you know, Self-blue and Lavender are the same color, just different names.  Hope you find hatching eggs!
I won't be going to the show this year, but hopefully someone will take photos of all the action! 
I have a bottle baby at the moment, and we keep her inside our kitchen (which has tiled floors). She sleeps in a dog crate at intervals during the day, and let me tell you, it gets STINKY.  But she is adorable. 
How exciting! 
Thank you!
I need some help.    I have a Saanen doe who just had a kid yesterday. But about 2 weeks or so ago, somehow she tore the her teat, so that the end dangled. I had no idea this had even happened, until she started to get milk around 5 days ago.    The baby is very healthy, and loud, and the mama was doing fine until today. She barely moves, is very lethargic, and the injured side of her udder is swollen and purple. There is no way for her to drop milk from that side, as...
I would not get oegb's if I didn't have a covered pen. I've been sitting in the yard about 20 feet away from my birds, watching them as they foraged, and had a falcon dive right down and land on one of my pullets. If I hadn't been there to scare it off, she would've been dead. That's only my opinion, but we have a lot of very bold hawks and falcons here.
Thank you! I will check these out. 
Well, it looks as if my hen is ready to permanently rejoin her flock tomorrow! She has been eyeing the outside of her box for the last day or two, and keeps up very well with her flock when she goes outside. I'm so incredibly happy that she recovered so quickly!      Lately though, I've been wondering about something. It probably sounds absurd, as she may have just injured something, but I would really like to know, or at least hear your thoughts on it. Judging by the...
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