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I have lots, but I'm heading out the door now. I'll post some later.
We have a grand total of 11 babies in our mini "rabbitry". My other doe had six, but one didn't make it.
A grand total of..... 11 babies!   My other doe had 6, but one didn't make it.
Hoping your pullet makes a full recovery! 
I definitely will! And photos galore!  
My second doe looks to be in labor as well, so maybe we'll have another nest-full of wriggling babies by morning! 
My holland just had SIX beautiful, healthy babies!!  I'm overjoyed!! 
Gotta relieve my excitement.      My holland lop doe had SIX beautiful, healthy babies!  Her first two litters never made it, so this is so exciting! 
How is his temperament now? I had a cockerel who was really sweet as a chick, and stayed that way to adulthood. Then I had another one who was flighty and loud, and he also stayed that way as he matured. I can't say that's how all of them turn out, but that's what my boys did.
Cockerel. He's so cute!!
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