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I had a young cockerel like this. :( He passed away a couple days later, and I still don't know what his problem was. Praying your pullet pulls through! 
  He isn't much bigger. She's an Australorp. Mysmaller hens do fine. I checked her for injuries today and everything seems to be fine. I even checked to see if she was egg bound because of how she walked. She looks fine to me. 
Has anyone had a pullet act odd after being mounted by a cockerel?  I know, strange question, but I have a pullet who walks (when she walks; she spends the majority of her free-range time laying down) stiffly, and on her toes with her wings hanging. This happened after I saw my big Brahma mount her yesterday. She was perfectly fine before.  
  SO neat! I had no idea you could enter Pea fowl, OR get them that tame! 
Are those the parents of your chicks, or your birds? They are gorgeous!
I'm having the same problem, only I use straw. They just hollow out the center and I keep getting cracked eggs. One time though, I had a straw "blanket" (don't know how else to describe it), that goes right on the bottom of the box. Lasted for about a month and a half.
Haha! Soon, possibly. :)
......Incredibly busy.  It was fair season. 
I have been there, and I think I looked at your Bresse chicks. You looked familiar in the photos of the Pita Pinta rooster you posted, so I couldn't help asking. 
Ronott1, did you ever happen to sell Bresse chicks at the Orangevale small animal exchange? 
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