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What a sweet dog! 
Hi all,    I need to downsize to make room for some Broad Breasted white Turkeys that I would like to raise for our County Fair next year.  I have several cockerels, some laying pullets, and some bantams to rehome. So, if you are interested in any of these birds, or want to know more information, please PM me!    Bantams: 1 black Wyandotte bantam hen, 2 years old, breeder-quality.  4 f1 barred OEGB cockerel, all 3 months old. Possibly SQ.   1 PAIR of fawn silver...
Judging by the white earlobes, those are most likely Light Brown Dutch bantams. 
Those two look like girls! Very pretty!
I've never seen am EE pullets with plumage that color, so I'm going to have to say male. 
Anyone interested in f1 barred OEGB cockerels? I have plenty to go around.  They are starting to to fight, so I need to rehome them soon! I am also still looking to sell that pen of bantam AMs.    If interested, send me a PM. Thanks!
Anyone interested in f1 barred OEGB cockerels? I've got plenty to go around . Send me a PM if interested! They are starting to fight each other.  
Oh my, I'm so sorry. Will be praying your kitty finds his way home!
Diva is a gold Laced Wyandotte.
I can't enlarge the first couple photos, so I couldn't see them. The photos you just posted do look like splash blue laced red Wyandottes. 
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