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There was one that recently ended that happened in Orangevale. I don't know if that is the one you are talking about, but it took place every 2nd Saturday of each month. 
My girls are so fluffy and heavy that they can barely make it off the ground. 
I have two lovely girls.  Hope to purchase a good SQ rooster when some coop space clears up.   
Those are Black Sex-link hens. 
Brought my sick hen inside today for a check up and to start giving her vitamins. She has a purpleish hue to her comb, she is pale, and looks to be a little labored in breathing. Anyone know what this is, or what I could give her?
Hi all,    Checking in after missing more than 1300 posts!   I have found that some of my birdies are not doing well. All from different coops, and all different symptoms, so I don't think it is the same illness. I've nursed one back to health, but I just found another who is slow-moving, slightly purple in the comb, and a bit thin. I've started treatments, hoping to get her better as well.   It's an odd question, but I just wanted to ask and see if anyone else is...
How about whoever gets the bird correct, gets to post a picture? Keeps everyone included that way.  Just a suggestion. 
Beautiful! Looks like a pullet to me. My girls were quite large at that age. 
 You are correct! That is a Silver Duckwing, AND, you're in luck! It's a pullet!
The bird on the left looks like a Dutch bantam (mix?) because of his white ear lobes. But the bird on the right, judging by his coloring, looks like an OEGB. 
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