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 Nice! I love it when they find homes. I am selling a few of mine today.
 Beautiful! Who did you get them from?
 Your photos are absolutely GORGEOUS! But, they ended the contest 9/7.
 That is awesome! I never thought about crows being our friends before. I will have to do some research on that.
How sad!  I got lucky the other day when a little falcon swooped down on one of my Old English Game pullets. She dodged it, thank goodness, but he was so close! First hawk attack we'eve had around here in a long time!
Yep, he's a red pyle OEGB, mixed with possibly a Silkie (I think I see a small crest). But the fact that he doesn't have dark skin makes me think it may be something else.
We saw that huge "cloud" while we were out and about yesterday. Looked a lot like when Mt. Saint Helens erupted. How awful. 
I've found that my Sebrights were quite flighty, and the cockerel was slightly aggressive. They were beautiful, but I didn't care much for their personalities. 
 He is blue.
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