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What is your website? 
I believe it was! Great to see you on BYC!  
I got them from a breeder in Loomis.  That would be great, and I would definitely not be opposed to looking into Penedesencas. 
I believe I was just sold poor quality birds. I've seen so many photos of beautiful Marans and their eggs, so I think I was just taken advantage of. But that's alright, I learned from it, and I do hope to get another nice Maran or two in the future, because I do want dark eggs. 
That's great!  Do you by chance happen to know what got Grand Champion?
Beautiful! How did they do? 
I got a Silkie from her, but I can't for the life of me remember her name. I believe she was also the one selling Schipperke puppies? 
I agree about the Marans. I thought I was getting good bloodlines when I purchased a hen about a year ago, but she ended up only laying about 5 eggs while I had her (which was a while), and they were hardly anything to be excited about.  Welsummers are actually supposed to have a range of "smooth colored" eggs, and "patchy" eggs (for lack of better terms). I personally love the spots on the deep chestnut colored egg my hen lays. So yes, it's all a matter of preference.  
I still have plenty of Silkie cockerels to go around.  Please pm me.    
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