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How about whoever gets the bird correct, gets to post a picture? Keeps everyone included that way.  Just a suggestion. 
Beautiful! Looks like a pullet to me. My girls were quite large at that age. 
 You are correct! That is a Silver Duckwing, AND, you're in luck! It's a pullet!
The bird on the left looks like a Dutch bantam (mix?) because of his white ear lobes. But the bird on the right, judging by his coloring, looks like an OEGB. 
 That's odd to hear that d'Uccle attacked you. My boys have always been sweet and docile. Anyways, the method I use for my OEGB cock after he attacks me, is simple picking him up and carrying him around with me. I usually tuck him under my arm so he is secure, like a football.
 A pullet is a female bird under a year of age, while a hen is one over one year. The same goes for males. Cockerel: under 1 year. Rooster/Cock: over 1 year.Welcome to the world of chickens!
Soccer! What is your favorite breed of bantam?
Little Women by Lousia May Alcott! Whats your favorite time period? (1950's, 1840's... get it? )
@Chalk Do you have any Breda roosters for sale?
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