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I couldn't find the paper that came with the bottle, I thought I had pinned it to our cork board but I guess not. Will this do?
I am super disappointed to say that the spinosad caused some nasty side affects for the birds I treated. Very similar to fowl pox (the dry kind), but I'm pretty it isn't. I've dealt with flow pox recently, and the symptoms were not as bad as what the poor chicks are dealing with right now. I sprayed specific birds, ones with more of an infestation than the others, and only those are exhibiting the symptoms. At first I thought it was fowl pox, so I gave them some things to...
Copper Black breasted red Rosecomb     Ringo Calico Silkie
  Penny Black breasted red Rosecomb 1 year 
Does he happen to have bbreds? 
They are very nice!
I didn't know you could show birds there. Sounds like fun!
I plan to give the broody a bath, but I don't think I could bathe the chicks. They are Rosecombs and are so tiny!    Thanks for the help. Unfortunately one of the chicks was dead this morning.   I've given them nutridrench, including their mom, and I hope to give them a bath soon. The real problem is their environment. I'm running out of places to put them, and the spinosad doesn't seem to be killing the ones that are in the bedding and on the walls. 
@ronott1 Is the spinosad supposed to kill the mites on contact? 
2 of the 5 chicks are doing poorly. I thought for sure one of them was going to die a few hours ago; it was just laying there breathing heavily. But now it just droops like the other one.    I checked all of them today and a few have decent sized clumps of mites clustered by their beak or eyes. Sometimes they squeak and shake their head like something painful is in their eye.  How quickly can a chick become anemic? 
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