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I have a trio of Old English game bantams for sale.  The hens are 4 years old, and the rooster is 1 year. I was attempting to breed towards the Cuckoo variety, but unfortunately, I no longer have the time. The rooster is just finishing out his molt, and has only half of the tail feathers he normally does, but the photos I included are of him in prime condition.  I am asking $30 for all three. And they will not be separated.    PM me if you would like more info, or more...
Name: Pillow Age: 2 years Breed: Silkie bantam       Name: Camilla Age: 3 years Breed: Cochin bantam  
Awesome! So glad to hear that she's settling in well. 
That's a fantastic idea!
I'm so glad you like them. 😊 It was very nice to meet you.
This is so cool! I'll be checking in often. 
Also FOR SALE:   A black Wyandotte bantam hen. Getting on in age at 6 years old. Breeding quality, GOOD for showmanship/4-H and has been shown before. She lays well.  $15          d'Uccle/OEGB mix and pure OEGB. The mom is a d'Uccle OEGB mix, as well as one of the babies, and the other chick is a pure black OEGB.  FREE TO GOOD HOME.      
FOR SALE:   3 Silkies: One rooster, two hens. Very good bloodlines (purchased directly from Sheri Minkner).  Asking $30 for all three.    These guys are very special to me, and I'll miss their personalities. We've even named all three, and that only makes it harder to sell them.   Chicken Joe, the rooster, is very protective of his hens. He is feared while everyone is free ranging, because he won't let other chickens within 5 feet of them. Chicken Joe is a Calico...
Make sure to check Craigslist every day! So sorry that happened!  
Just a reminder, only 2 photos allowed! I don't want you to get disqualified.  
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