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no, i tried incubating them myself but when i candled them at a week there was no development   on a brighter note my nephew gave me two silver laced wyandotts as a chrissie present
just went to check on her and she's dead :(   i still cant see whatever  was wrong, just some ruffled feathers
i'm new to chickens, i've never had one sick (injured yes)   this girl has suddenly gone all sad and mopey, her comb is dull and not standing up like the others, she's not leaving the coop at all, just standing in one corner looking miserable, when i picker her up i noticed water dripping from her beak, empty crop, slightly poopy bum   my chickens free range from dawn till dusk, theyre usually very healthy, they have layer mash but they dont eat much of it, fresh...
i needed an emergency incubator so i've come up with a quick solution   i stood a styrofoam vegetable box on its end like a cupboard, put a heat lamp in about 15cm from the bottom, put in the eggs with a couple of trays of water and punched a hole through the side for a thermometer, then i closed the lid   the temp rose really really quickly to way too high so i started cutting holes in the top after cutting two holes low down on the sides, i kept cutting holes...
thanks for the help guys, i really appreciate that i have somewhere i can ask questions   she seems fine now, she was a bit sore and sorry for a couple of days and stayed in the coop but now she's back to normal and the wound is all but gone - chooks sure do heal fast   i worked out what happened, they go into the neighbours yard to scratch around, that would be fine but sometimes the dog chases them, she's tried to duck under the fence and the dog had grabbed...
i've just built one too, my broody hen decided she wasnt ready to be a mother   styrofoam box, red heat lamp that says if if 15cm from the eggs its at about 100F, two small glasses of water and a big dose of luck  
how long will the eggs last with nobody sitting on them - they were laid on thursday or friday last week
is there anybody in the Newcastle/Lake Macquarie NSW area the could incubate some eggs for me?   my broody hen changed her mind and decided to be a lousy mother
ok, i'll quit stressing, what will be will be i guess - she's tucked up in a corner of the coop and she seems alert but she's not eating, i'll just leave her in peace  
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