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These are my first chickens and  I just want what's best for them. I have seen them push each other off of their roost at night, so we made it longer.  Even then I have watched them step on each other till someone fell off and hit the floor, a feeder or waterer!!  After losing one, I thought maybe I was at fault for not letting them be able to see at night.  Thanks for your input, I appreciate it!! 
Thanks for the condolences. I know a necropsy would be the only answer, but I am really starting to lean toward a "freak" accident.  Everyone else is as fine as can be.  I have noticed since it has gotten warmer and I turned off the heat lamp at night, that when I go and check on them they get startled very easily. I wonder if something happened during the night and her injuries were not noticed when I left for work in the morning... I do a head count and make sure their...
Well, I separated her from the rest of the flock last night and she was eating some.  She passed away during the night.  I really thought I could get her to the vet this morning and she would be okay. She did not have any discharge from the eyes or nostrils.  All of my other chickens are fine.  Could she have had some kind of chest trauma?  I have seen them take off doing the "crazy chicken" and hit a wall! Does that happen?  What does anyone think could have happened to...
She is eating when I put food in front of her.  Also, do you think she would like the heat lamp, or would cool air be better for her breathing?  Thanks!
One of my three month old hens didn't come out of the coop when I came home today.  She was sitting inside open mouth breathing and has wheezing noises with every breath.  She was fine this morning, and now  she seems like she is using all of her energy to breath.  What can I do until I can bring  her to the vet tomorrow?  Does anyone know what this can be?  I appreciate any help, thank you.
I have a three month old hen that just started having brown pudding like stool.  She acts fine, eats and drinks well and plays with the others.  What could it be and what should I do for her?
Having window boxes and other pots of grass and dandelions has worked out great for my chickens!  They love to have a fresh pot every day!! 
Very nice!!  That was alot of's beautiful!!
Thanks for your replies!!  I am very happy with my chickens, glad I got one beautiful rooster!! They are so much fun!
Maybe I am too anxious, but I was hoping the two Brahmas I got straight would be a rooster and a hen.  Now they are growing and I think I may have gotten very lucky!!  So, since these are my first chickens, can all of you with more experience give me your opinion? Is one maturing faster than the other?   Thank you very much!!     He must be a roo, right?      Does anyone know what breed my red pullets may be?  Thanks!!  
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