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I found two breeders in Kansas. They're amazing little creatures. I've been researching and watching videos on youtube. I really would like to have one after college, I hope they are still legal after I've graduated. (They just recently made it so that you had to have a license to sell hedgehogs). Some people I know are going to say "Oh they are wild animals and shouldn't be pets." Well dogs and cats at some point were wild animals, I guess we should of left those alone...
well there are two parakeets in the room hung from the ceiling but I don't see why that would stress her out? she's lived with their singing since we've had her and their not like RIGHT next to her cage or anything.
Depends where you live... my friends mostly just think I'm odd because I have my chickens shipped to me through the mail... but I told my english teacher about it and now she has chickens and my government teacher has ordered offline before too... but Mr. Buzzi is a odd man.
One of my close friend's mom is on the "Cave Man Diet" she loves it. All she can eat is fresh veggies, fruit, and meat. She can't have anything a cave man couldn't eat. She lost a ton of weight and has more energy then ever.
I think I started BYC about 4 or 5 years ago? I think 8th grade or freshman year? I'm not surenope just checked it was 3 years ago.
My legs get very twitchy during class.... It will get so bad I'll break my pencil on purpose so I can get up and sharpen it when I've already gone to the restroom. I don't usually get it at night, just during class. I hate when I have a test or quiz and just can't concentrate because of it. I sit there and stretch and rub them... doesn't go away.
ahaa yea I turned 18 in January ahaa
Yes, I think I'll get them taken soon... I bought new clothes for the photos and I have a old red barn in mind.... Then some cross country and track photos and something with art...
I think I'm gonna get a photo or two taken with my silkie rooster or one of my polish girls for senior photos I want to be in a old barn in a dress and a chicken somehow in the photo... everyone knows me as chicken girl... I thought I would have atleast one photo with one of my chickens
I'm sure they will get over it. I had a Pekin Drake attacked by one of my roosters once and almost the whole entire scalp was peeled back and I cleaned it up and left it open (cleaned it multiple times a day) and had him in his own cage. He healed in a few weeks. Ducks are quick healers.
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