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Sorry to hear you lost her.  You did what you can.Bleach works for a coop and some use Oxine (I think that's the name).  Some diseases won't last more than a few days outside of the chickens so I wouldn't worry to much about the sanitizing part.After I lost my first flock every time a new bird would sneeze or act weird I panicked.  Just keep an eye on the Cochin.  If a disease got into your flock more than one bird would be showing it by now.
There is only one way to be sure you have or don't have MG/MS in your flock and that is to test.  Most states will do it for little or no cost.If those symptoms only lasted a few days and none of your other chickens have shown signs in a year then I wouldn't be too concerned.Assuming just because someone is a known breeder that they won't have MG in their flock is very dangerous.
riane'smimi :I know Bob has some hidden at his house and not even letting us have peek You have no idea. 
Oh No.  Don't you start trying to bump me down on the egg waiting list.
Sanity is relative.
We don't know how long they live yet.  Jenn has been working on this project for a while and doesn't share much with us.  I'd be protective of them too if they were mine.They are real, as real as any of us here with user IDs on a chicken forum.  THEY ARE REEEEEAAAAALLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Another laptop bites the dust...
They're magic chickens and can be anything you want them to be. 
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