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I think so too! :) It is 12 x 28 feet long. I hope to have it done by this weekend. :)
It is taking us forever to build this coop and run, we have so much going on.  But we finally have the run frame up. Now we just have to put the fencing and finish the coop roof and paint it. Can't wait till it is done!!!
Gorgeous bird!
Beautiful Birds!
Very cute! Never seen that color before, also interested to see what they look like as adults. :)
Awesome job!!! Love it!
Aww, I hope it survives. Good luck, keep us posted!
Very nice! :)
So sorry to hear about your Turkey. :( We have a lot of wild Turkeys where I live and I've almost run over 2 of them already. :( One was just standing in the middle of the road and the other one crossed just in front of me. :(
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