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I would like a pair of BQ Sultans if anyone has any for sale. 
do you have BQ Sultans for sale?? 
I am chicken crazy and now I want to become bunny crazy too
I have a bantam that looks like her.. but not as poofy. (more like a pigeon looking chicken) I have always wondered what she was
I have been raising chickens for 3 years and my chickens currently have the option to roost inside the coop or outside the coop. In cold, heat rain, snow and hurricanes they prefer the outside roost. My husband and I are relocating our chickens this month.. building a new coop and a completely covered run. We cant decide if we should build the roosts inside the coup or give them the option again.. Opinions welcome!! (ps, I currently have 34 hens and roosters that live...
If you have, please post pics! I have 10 coming on Feb 4th and I am very curious as to how they will grow up to look!
Please post all ads in the appropriate BST section once you have agreed to the rules here   Thanks ~Staff
Yes.. I cant type! lol
haha. Ya, i can see me now, going 55 MPH.. she would blow away!
 I guess I should have done more research before letting my local Tractor Supply lady talk me into buying  Cornish rocks along with my  Bantams. ( I had only planned on buying bantams but Tractor supply requires you to buy at least 6 chicks at a time. Since there were only 3 bantams, i had to pick 3 of another breed)  From what I have read, I guess Cornish rocks are meat birds. I originally started looking on BYC to see if they were just lazy birds.. Mine sit all the...
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