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Posts by the1much I go again..jus startin over again..dint have my sportsman's but got a couple little bators..gonna be looking for duck and chicken eggs everyone get ready..we all know once i get goin i ggo a little overboard hehehe Jim girls are always top dolls on my bill...this place gonna work out great...i know it will..been through too MucH poo to get here lol again thankiez Jim
Thanks everyone..found mena great place..what makes it even better..i can have birds..i ain't got my sportsmans any more but I got a couple small bators and the people in stayin with wants ducks..they got geese now...wooohooo
I will live in a barn,a shed,anything long enough for me to lay down in..i wouldn't do this If I wasn't desperate..i have no family and my friends are the kind I left behind when I changed my ways..i believe in god and he brought me bak to here..this is my last try at being on the right side of little girls need me be right and seems like the harder I try to be right the more bad happens to me...luv u all jim
Hey you all its me jim..well I came back to Texas and tried working things out with the luck.while here I worked for a dude then had him tell me to leave as soon as I got him caught up.then went and helped another dude and ended up with everything I had stolen and being told I wasn't needed any now I have the clothes on my back and hiding out in a storage building in not suppose to be in.i need a home to start not looking for handout.i do have...
Everyone needs to keep the #1 reason a good too that mates..feeds..protects his curl also makes getting along with him the hardest..that too is SUPPOSED to attack u..he suppose to show his girls even that tall animal will not stop me from being your man..yes u can make him stop..for a while..but every once in while he still gonna roos..if there was over a couple weeks of them not tryin to stand up against me..they were dinner.every time they tried they got treated...
i got size 14 feet....hahahha
here is that link to rooster behavior and how to deal with them. i do some things different but for most people this is the roo bible,,,, i love roos, specially ones that do his job like yours seems to be doing ;)   Jim
leghorn mix   edit to say,,,its not his breed that would make him aggressive,,but that said,, leghorns are very protective, and territorial, you should read the thingy on the start page about rooster behavior its really good and is how i dealt with my roos,,,this all said, after i reread your post i see he came with an order of birds so he is a pure, i just dont recall ever having one of that breed so i have no idea lol
the leghorn could go either way, but if you say its crowin then thats a give me,, the bo looks like a hen to me..   Jim
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