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I love the patterning of a Barred Plymouth Rock -- the barring is what first caught my eye. But it's the shape of the Rock that has my mind and heart. The more I learn about type, the more I see, and my interest just keeps multiplying.
Unless it's just chance, they stand like cockerels already. edited to add: the bottom photo. Please don't tell me those are girls.
Oh, for clarity here, I'm not planning on breeding her. I've got one exhibition breed already and that's more than enough -- big ol' Plymouth Barred Rocks.
Yup. Just got back from Feathersite. Gorgeous little birds! I'm going to assume that as she's from hatchery stock, that she's nowhere near exhibition quality, but that's okay with me. She is a beautiful little bird. :-)
Really? porcelain d'Uccles? How cool! (Although I wouldn't mind a standard Faverolle some day!) Thanks!
Thanks! She's from the feed store (which I believe orders from Townline Hatchery) from their bantam bin. It's certainly possible she's a cross of something, or possibly one of their breeding pools got muddled over time and no longer really fits one particular breed.
She's a bantam, smooth-feathered, white with soft grey spotting, and has feathered legs and feet. Also cheek puffs. She has stayed quite small -- smaller than my Silkies, about the size of the Golden Sebright cockerel I picked up at the same time. He was thinner and taller -- at least he held himself taller -- but not by much. My guess when I bought her was Cochin, but I thought they were fluffier. Many thanks! Edited to add: she's a really proficient flier.
My problem with zip ties was figuring out a color-coding system that made sense. Fast-feathering birds got a green band for future reference. Other than that, there was no system other than making sure each bird had a unique set. That might be because my daughter and I were banding them in the order we caught them. We ended up with combos like "Green Orange Orange Black" which wasn't very professional.I switched to numbered clip-on bands. Only one has ever come off. My...
I wonder how capons work as members of a flock? I.e. a flock with hens and a rooster.
Actually I'd like to learn about caponization. Are your capons bigger than the intact boys? Do they crow?
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