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Thank you! I bought two chicks from a "mixed bantam" bin to keep a single hatched chick company at home, when the next hatch was a week away. I was hoping it was a Sebright, but the comb threw me. The wing droop, shape and coloring all screamed Sebright. :-)
Do Sebright combs look like straight combs when they are chicks? Or do hatchery Sebrights sometimes have straight combs? Thanks.
Here's an article on crooked toes: Edited to add article on curled toes: I never knew there was a distinction between crooked and curled toes. Edited again to add: I'm not sure these are definitive articles. Sorry about that.
Some observations --   I'm fairly new to chicken breeding, not an expert by any means. Please keep that in mind. :-)   Last week I pulled some eggs from my incubator for my good Silkie broody. Although all six had been in the incubator the same amount of time, two candled vigorous, two a bit behind them in development, and two candled inconclusively.  (I stink at candling.)   The second day she kicked out the inconclusives. I was pretty sure they weren't good...
I put 4 CL eggs shipped from Texas to Michigan under my Silkie broody and she hatched 3 out of 4. If you're confident in your broody, I'd recommend giving her a chance.
Wish I'd thought of that. My cockerel is nice as they come (translate: he's a bit afraid of me) but is so awfully big. He has trouble balancing and really tramples the pullets, so their feathers are getting mussed up. Sometimes he gets confused and approaches from the front, grabs a beakful of head feathers, and pulls. Or he approaches from the side, gets a beakful of hackle feathers, and pulls. Neither tactic works. I don't think I can muzzle him . . .
So "dry" dosn't mean no water at all, right? What's the lowest humidity you use in the incubator? Thanks!
That's my favorite cross. Gorgeous! I call them Easter Leggers.
Depends if they're pullets or cockerels. ;-)(Sorry, couldn't resist.)p.s. yes, the pullets will lay green eggs :-)
My Dad always used to say, "If you don't have time now to build it right, when will you?"I'd love to live up to that.Then again, he also used to say, "A clean car runs better." Makes no sense, but darned if he isn't right . . .
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