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My problem with zip ties was figuring out a color-coding system that made sense. Fast-feathering birds got a green band for future reference. Other than that, there was no system other than making sure each bird had a unique set. That might be because my daughter and I were banding them in the order we caught them. We ended up with combos like "Green Orange Orange Black" which wasn't very professional.I switched to numbered clip-on bands. Only one has ever come off. My...
I wonder how capons work as members of a flock? I.e. a flock with hens and a rooster.
Actually I'd like to learn about caponization. Are your capons bigger than the intact boys? Do they crow?
That sounds great and thank you for the response! I will contact her and let her know.Thanks again!
Hi all, Please let me know if I'm posting in the wrong place and if so, where I should post? I have a friend in the general Lansing area who is looking for hatching eggs. She's would like to build a small layer/therapy flock of standard-sized hens and has plans in place for any roosters that result. Many thanks in advance! Anne
Thank you! I bought two chicks from a "mixed bantam" bin to keep a single hatched chick company at home, when the next hatch was a week away. I was hoping it was a Sebright, but the comb threw me. The wing droop, shape and coloring all screamed Sebright. :-)
Do Sebright combs look like straight combs when they are chicks? Or do hatchery Sebrights sometimes have straight combs? Thanks.
Here's an article on crooked toes: Edited to add article on curled toes: I never knew there was a distinction between crooked and curled toes. Edited again to add: I'm not sure these are definitive articles. Sorry about that.
Some observations --   I'm fairly new to chicken breeding, not an expert by any means. Please keep that in mind. :-)   Last week I pulled some eggs from my incubator for my good Silkie broody. Although all six had been in the incubator the same amount of time, two candled vigorous, two a bit behind them in development, and two candled inconclusively.  (I stink at candling.)   The second day she kicked out the inconclusives. I was pretty sure they weren't good...
I put 4 CL eggs shipped from Texas to Michigan under my Silkie broody and she hatched 3 out of 4. If you're confident in your broody, I'd recommend giving her a chance.
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