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It happens. I'm not sure how rare it is, but it has happened to at least two people on this thread (including me).
First chick of the season.
Pita Pintas are the ones with two colors of leg scales, right? Nicalandia, is that from the mottling gene? Is there an interaction with whatever genes determine leg color?
I was prepared to put a hen or two which lay non-brown eggs with my breeding pair until a second breeding hen arrived to keep them company.
I'm not sure about this (novice here), but if humidity isn't an issue, I don't think candling air cells is necessary. One less thing to worry about. :-)
Fred, do they stay overnight in those pens?
If you mean my white pullets (and white cockerels with autosomal red markings), they were all Cream Legbar rooster x Buff-Laced Polish hen.
Thank you. They really are such pretty birds. As a bonus, the pullet I kept lays the prettiest pale blue eggs.
Beekissed has an excellent tutorial on establishing dominance over an aggressive cockerel. I'll look for it -- meanwhile, Jules, could you post it here if it's handy? Thanks.
Those late quitters really hurt, don't they? Hang in there.
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