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So "dry" dosn't mean no water at all, right? What's the lowest humidity you use in the incubator? Thanks!
That's my favorite cross. Gorgeous! I call them Easter Leggers.
Depends if they're pullets or cockerels. ;-)(Sorry, couldn't resist.)p.s. yes, the pullets will lay green eggs :-)
My Dad always used to say, "If you don't have time now to build it right, when will you?"I'd love to live up to that.Then again, he also used to say, "A clean car runs better." Makes no sense, but darned if he isn't right . . .
Regarding shows -- I am completely new and ignorant about showing -- I've only been to one show, and was looking at Barred Rocks (no CLs there, and mine were molting). Looking at that one breed, they weren't perfect. Good, even very good. Not perfect. With even this miniscule experience, I don't think we need untouchably perfect birds or even close to them. Even if we did, we -- including judges -- are all so new to this that I think the best we can expect is some clear...
I'll never admit that my chickens adore mini marshmallows above all else.I'm not actually recommending them as a training treat. It's got to be horrible for them.
Some Barred Rocks (and various others) enjoying a fall leaf pile.  
Eek, I didn't know that was still done (outside large commercial flocks). I think you're right.
She's adorable! Looks like slight crossbeak . . .
No gawkiness here at all. Wow!
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