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I'll never admit that my chickens adore mini marshmallows above all else.I'm not actually recommending them as a training treat. It's got to be horrible for them.
Some Barred Rocks (and various others) enjoying a fall leaf pile.  
Eek, I didn't know that was still done (outside large commercial flocks). I think you're right.
She's adorable! Looks like slight crossbeak . . .
No gawkiness here at all. Wow!
A hen with a contrary nature -- I like her! :-)
In the late 80s I was served a chicken dinner at a good local restaurant (i.e. not for tourists) in the USSR and was surprised to find one super-skinny and tough chicken leg on my plate. Total guess here, but perhaps that represents a more typical eating chicken in our country's past and in much of the world.
Sounds like you have two very exciting breeds!What's up with the Cream Legbars? How do they look?
Anyone going to the Fowl Fest event at Birch Run, Michigan this weekend?
I'd like to support the importance of mentoring and urge anyone interested in serious breeding to find one. It is very, very difficult to proceed on book learning alone. Which is why I'm so grateful that my mentor is super-knowledgeable, kind and supportive in tough times (when a chick needs to be culled, for example), and generous with his or her time and expertise. Thank you, Fred. :-)
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