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A hen with a contrary nature -- I like her! :-)
In the late 80s I was served a chicken dinner at a good local restaurant (i.e. not for tourists) in the USSR and was surprised to find one super-skinny and tough chicken leg on my plate. Total guess here, but perhaps that represents a more typical eating chicken in our country's past and in much of the world.
Sounds like you have two very exciting breeds!What's up with the Cream Legbars? How do they look?
Anyone going to the Fowl Fest event at Birch Run, Michigan this weekend?
I'd like to support the importance of mentoring and urge anyone interested in serious breeding to find one. It is very, very difficult to proceed on book learning alone. Which is why I'm so grateful that my mentor is super-knowledgeable, kind and supportive in tough times (when a chick needs to be culled, for example), and generous with his or her time and expertise. Thank you, Fred. :-)
Can you feel this fault under the feathers?Wouldn't it be cool if we could x-ray our flocks? Or run them through an airport scanner . . . ;-)
Looks like a stand-off. I bet the bird can take that deer. ;-)
Thank you -- having a list is very helpful! All my Barred Rocks have crisp barring to my novice eyes -- but the only other barring I can compare it to is hatchery stock, which looks like barring on a TV with a slight vertical hold problem. (Yes, I'm that old.)Within heritage Barred Rocks, could someone point me to a picture of really crisp barring vs. messy (but still heritage) barring? Thanks in advance!
It's probably obvious, but I'd still like to know faults you automatically cull for -- what do you cull as soon as you see it, and what can you wait on to see if it corrects itself? Thanks.
Travelers going down the middle of the road . . . :-)
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