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Can you feel this fault under the feathers?Wouldn't it be cool if we could x-ray our flocks? Or run them through an airport scanner . . . ;-)
Looks like a stand-off. I bet the bird can take that deer. ;-)
Thank you -- having a list is very helpful! All my Barred Rocks have crisp barring to my novice eyes -- but the only other barring I can compare it to is hatchery stock, which looks like barring on a TV with a slight vertical hold problem. (Yes, I'm that old.)Within heritage Barred Rocks, could someone point me to a picture of really crisp barring vs. messy (but still heritage) barring? Thanks in advance!
It's probably obvious, but I'd still like to know faults you automatically cull for -- what do you cull as soon as you see it, and what can you wait on to see if it corrects itself? Thanks.
Travelers going down the middle of the road . . . :-)
One of the hens (the original one) has squirreled herself into a dark corner, for about three days now. Because of the droppings shelf, it's very difficult to get to her. I did crawl down to her to see if she'd turkey up like broodies do, and she did -- right after she nailed me with her beak. She packs a punch! When I get a chance I'll grab any egg(s) she may have. I may put an upside-down big old fry pan on her nesting spot to discourage brooding.
Thanks one and all for sharing your experience with broodiness in Rocks!
How common is it for a heritage Barred Rock hen to go broody? Thanks.
I like that stuff on combs and also for respiratory infections. From Active Ingredient(s): Made with 3.3% (v-v) alcohol U.S.P. The mixture contains Canada balsam, camphor, oil origanum, oil rosemary, blended in a corn oil base.
What's the name of the product, and from what company?
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