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Kiniska I'm in new salisbury call Glory Scott sbout the puppies she is in the local phone book she runs a no kill shelter.
Mine do not swim are lay it in it. If its hot ouside they will stand in it. They dont act like ducks or kids they don't splash or sit or anyway play with it. They stand in it poop in it and drink it.
This is very worrisome. Read here
Been very busy with the new chicks and dividing up the coop so when it's time to put them out there the older girls can't get to them. We put out the squash pumpkins, tomatos and cuckes. The squash leaves are turning yellow....was so depressed all day over it lol. Finally decided they needed nitrogen and added some to the soil around the plant. I wish I had started gardening early in life instead of waiting so late in life.
Yes but it has be very shallow I used a broiling pan last year. I also used the grandkids old plastic sled but only put a puddle of water in the bottom. Last summer is when I did this, I also froze milk jugs of water and laid them sideways without the top on in the sled and let it melt and puddle inside the sled. I also with the top on placed frozen jugs of water around and the girls would lay against it. I took large round plastic bowls froze water in them the girls...
Wanted to share with my fellow Hoosiers the picture of one of my new chicks, she is a silver laced wyndott about a week old I call her cross cause of the cross on her forehead
I got two commericial blacks from uhls feed store in corydon indiana they got them from my healthy. I got them out of curiosity.
When do you start putting plants out in the garden?
I have 5 different spots tilled and ready to go and n the deck I have a broken kids pool with radishes spinach and lettuce leaf coming up. Back by the chikens in the old horse field I plan on planting pumpkins and in another spot back there some corn in squares not rows. In a raised garden I'm planting tomatos and squash. In the side yard I'm planting Kentucky wonder snap beans. In another spot I have brussel sprouts planted. Wondering if I made a mistake, I started the...
Zone 6 indiana, got up this morning and saw one plant has lost its leaves they are laying on the ground around the plant.
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