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i am looking for a silver phoenix cock/cockeral to replace the one my neice lost recently. if you have one please let med know how much and location.thanksmarc
the chinese geese are still available. plus we now have a quad of pilgrim geese. and a trio of bourbon red turkeys to sell. the chinese geese are $10 each or best offer. they are 16-18 months old. the pilgrim geese are $100 for the quad or best offer. the turkeys are $50 for the trio. we may also be willing to trade for other birds or equipment. just let us know what you have to offer. any questions please feel free to ask.thanksmarc
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hey there. not too far from you. i live just east of springfield. i raise chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese.marc
geese are still available if anyone is interested. we are located in the central part of the state. between dayton and columbus. thanksmarc
i will have to ask her. i think shipping costs might be really high. these are full grown year old geese. like i said i will ask her. i will have to check into the shipping costs.thanksmarc
i too skin my chickens as i hate to pluck. i have had no problems with them shredding, and i skin them as soon as they have bled out too. also have done the same with turkeys and ducks with no problems.marc
my girlfriend has a trio of white chinese she would like to sell. she is asking ten dollars each. she may be willing to seperate them as she is just looking to thin down her flock. if you have any questions please fell free to ask.thanksmarc
i tried to find the Poultrylist website, but all my searches come back with nothing found? is it
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