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Yes, and they are both easter egger pullets.  Mine typically started laying anywhere between 20-26 weeks when we had them.  Your girls combs are still a bit pale.  They will get brighter red when they are going to lay.
Yes, that is what we are doing, just continue to select for what you want. I haven't noticed a difference in breeding in either direction, as long as you're selecting the best birds to work towards your goal.
In order to show or sell, you would need to know what breed they are and if they are from a pure breeding pen.  If they are buff colored orpington with no barring, they are buff orpington.  If they have barring, the could be barred/lemon cuckoo Orpington, but it depends on where you got them and if the person was working with that breed.  I have seen some unusual colors crop up from mixing colors, so to know what you have you would have to ask the person you got them from.
Im not sure I understand the last two posts. I would be happy to try to help if you can clarify what you would like to know. Texaslady, i don't think there are lemon cuckoo marans, so maybe this was posted on the wrong thread.
The young ones typically have bluish eye color like most young birds. I dont think ive ever seen green eyes. We are selecting for brown eyes. My current lav rooster and his hens have nice brown eyes, so hoping the youngins will have them too.
Judges, sorry to see a pkg of eggs like that. So sad for sure. I sure hope something can be salvaged. I agree with rocking paints on insurance. Our PO told us insurance is only paid if the pkg is lost by them. They do not cover for breakage. They also make you wait 14 days to file for a lost pkg because there is no actual delivery time guarantee on priority mail. I had a box of eggs take 13 days to be delivered and this is what they told me. I resent a new batch...
Any black chick can show white fuzz on their chick down.  It does not indicate the lav gene is recessive in a particular bird.   Lav to black = 100% black chicks, all carrying the lav gene Split to split = 25% lav, 50% black split (carrying the lav gene), 25% black (no lav gene)
Agree, she looks girly to me too.
Agree, looks like a girl.  :)
Looks like an Easter Egger to me. 
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