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Wow! No thank heavens! I had to look close to see the patches of bare skin under her feathers that was left. From a distance she looks normal. As you look close, you see patches of bare skin.
Thanks, that makes me feel better. It is my first time with molting chickens. My other 4 are not doing it yet. I purchased them all the same time. I thought it was odd since it is winter. I thought the molting would be when it is warmer.I will search for a sweater or something. Maybe add a heat lamp if it gets colder.
Question, do chickens molt this time of year? I have one that is loosing Lots of feathers. I see new pin feathers coming in but I worry about her getting cold without her undercoat this time of year. I see no lice or anything. She is eating normally. There is no broken skin or blood. You have to look close to see it but around her butt, under her wings and lower neck that there is no undercoat. You see bare skin. I live in Gilbert so it is not real cold yet.I just worry if...
I have been lucky. My shade, misters and fans blowing through the mist are working great for this high heat. I have yet to see them pant even. They look comfortable. The floor of their pen is a muddy mess under the misters but they do not seem to mind.  Kris
This is what I do to keep my gals cool. I have misters set up with fans blowing through the mist. That works amazingly well! One set of 4 overhead misters is tied to my irrigation system and goes off on a schedule daily. The other is a portable one with 4 misters on it hooked to a hose. I hook the hose one up for the temps over 110 to add extra large area of coolness. It drops the temps over 20 degrees. My guys usually do not struggle in this high heat.They do well under...
I love your setup!  That is the life! Great ideas! Kris
My chickens want a play date at your coop...LOL I love the painted wall! What a great idea! Kris
It is going to be 117 on Friday. I am really afraid for my chickens! I am going to put an extra mister on a hose in the cage for them just to help out. I have fans blowing through the mist also. Anyone have other good ideas? I may put an ice block out there. I have not done that as of yet. Kris
I don't remember actually. I think it is a Bartlett Pear. It was near death on clearance when I picked it up. The tree is doing well now since it is a few years old but not a lot of fruit yet, just a few pears. I am adding more water to see if that helps. I also added an Asian Pear next to it. It is suppose to be a cross between an apple and an pear. We will see if they fruit this year. We had more chill hours this year. Maybe that will mean more fruit. 
  Yes, I live in Gilbert. I bought my Jujube at Lowes on Gilbert and Warner. My apple trees have blooms on them already. They are the only ones.  I hope they are fine after this cold spell! We do not have irrigation. I have my trees on timers and on a drip.
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