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Well its been 2 days probably rotten and the eyes are dried. I will have to wait for the next one :/   I did give them a bunch of herbs yesterday and I had one acting odd.  she is improving.  But usually I don't see any behavior issues. Thank you for the help Casport
Thanks. Is there a time limit for them to accept a corpse?   I hope it's not some bird flu. I do on occasion hear a sneeze, but not all that much.  Yeah I had 35 hens/pullets. The ducks are uneffected. I have lost 11 in the last 2 months 6 in the last 2 weeks. not counting chicks. I also lost 3 roosters our of 12. We butchered 7 recently and I found nothing in them but did fine they had bird lice. I have since dusted. again. But di dnot see them in with the hens nor on...
Anyone having issues of chickens just dying? Seems to be on days that get hot or around them..  I am loosing 1-5 birds a week. ages vary from mature layer, to pullet, even chick.   They all seem fine but I go out ans find them just dead. I have had heat kill them before, but not this much :/  They do have shade.
I have not pursued  knowledge of green tea in that venue. I know trader joes makes tasty green tea mints- 2 = 1 cup. You can also get green tea powder and then put it in the brownies.   I know food coloring and pasturized  milk can aggrivate the condition and mostly they need an energy outlet. Cheweeze seem to help give then an outlet when sitting still.  They make necklaces they can chew on to expend the energy. Also Hylands homeopathic calms forte works...
Nice :)
It's not that sweet and it's fermented. It's about a fizzy and natural mineral water. not the big bubbles, but fizzy enough.   For cancer I have heard many testimony about apricot seeds and the vitamin b17 you can buy them on Amazon.   As well as Essiac tea
I always enjoyed it :)
They are bacteria grains made from sugar not the type of grains like wheat or anything as such. Yes there are sugar carbs, but your body needs those too. They exist in fruit as well. The benefits are far better that the caloric dispute, and it is not even all that sweet. They are gluten free. Also after you have cleansed and avoided all GMO  products you may find you body will let you consume non GMO grains again. They are clear bactieria granules called 'grains'.
The water keifer has 'grains' more like gell. for bacteria. you just feed it and drink the liquid. I often ate the grains because they grow like mad. If it is healthy it behaves a certain way.     And yes I agree.. we kill off the things that kill off the bad things that try to kill us.
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