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Praying sweetie. Hang in there!  
Wow my pekins are turning out beautiful.  They have crests. Isn't that rare?  I will have to take some pics here in a bit.
Hey :)  I just started a Legends, Lore, Fantasy RP board It's set up like here. You are all welcome to join us. We are BYC members also.  Feel free to move this over if you like and we have chat threads.  Also the rules are about the same. Just thought I would mention it. Just started to build it up and we have responsible mods.   I like your RP by the way.  
You too SIlkies!
well sadly enough he is married and so am I so have at it... :p
Very beautiful   And I agree Loki is an attractive man.. he just doesn't compare to that hunk :3  You should not complain anyhow.. less competition he he
lol its catching silkies
Yes I am!  But I can't rush the time. if I do hat litle bi I get to see him goes by fast too :/    Will do and you're welcome :)   Yes I have gotten hooked on the beef sausages and bacon over turkey... but my store is being poopy and no longer carries it. *sigh*    Thanks :)  LOL it's bad when all you kids tell you you need a new dishwasher :p
  Well Chris lights my fire
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