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You too SIlkies!
well sadly enough he is married and so am I so have at it... :p
Very beautiful   And I agree Loki is an attractive man.. he just doesn't compare to that hunk :3  You should not complain anyhow.. less competition he he
lol its catching silkies
Yes I am!  But I can't rush the time. if I do hat litle bi I get to see him goes by fast too :/    Will do and you're welcome :)   Yes I have gotten hooked on the beef sausages and bacon over turkey... but my store is being poopy and no longer carries it. *sigh*    Thanks :)  LOL it's bad when all you kids tell you you need a new dishwasher :p
  Well Chris lights my fire
not yet my store stopped carrying beef bacon :( So I caved and bough organic uncured pork.  Just need to do it. Maybe tomorrow. I hope my kids like it.   Ah my hubby is a sailor in the CG. I can try them for practice. if they urn out well it would be a fun breaky when her gets back late summer.
need to make this. And no the chickens won't be getting any scraps XD  
Than you :) Oh I most definitely will :p Thank you again for bringing her too me. I think its resperatory illness or she has something stuck. You may want to check your other birds. I am giving her a treatment just in case.  She doesn't do it all the time and I found little about it on BYC.  She is doing well so far though. She loved the grass and herbs lol.
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