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Thanks.  That is sure a nice looking coop/run set up you have.
We presently have our chickens in a 12' x 24' chain link dog run.  We are in the PNW and get alot of rain and the run gets muddy.  We also are in a constant fight with rats digging holes into the run.  I saw a great idea for a way to roof the run in another thread and got the supplies for that this weekend.  We will be moving the run to a different spot and leveling the area.  I wanted to put down some hardware cloth then add some gravel and finish off with a layer of...
That was great.  I found one of my hens standing on top of my mule last summer, just out in the corral.  Not sure she was trying to go anywhere or what possessed her to do it, but it was funny.
When we go out to add to or turn the manure pile for our horses the free range chickens come running.  We have a pen next to it with another group of chickens and they can't wait for me to throw some fresh worms into the pen for them.  The rooster runs over and makes that lttle chucking noise to let the hens know there is something good to eat.  
Mine love mealworms hard boiled egg mixed with yogurt the heels of Dave's Good Seed Bread
that's a great pic, it looks like his head exploded.
For some reason I love seeing these weird eggs.  as long as you mostly get good ones it keeps things interesting.  I got this back in December.  Sorry about the picture quality
Thanks!  She's a sweet mule but I never would have guessed she would stand still for that.
Ooops, Sorry, I forgot to answer the questions.  Picture is my EE hen Betty White 4 years old standing on my mule Jen's back.  I guess this would be in "funny" weird.
Not every chick can ride a mule!
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