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OMG...SERIOUSLY with the cuteness!!!!   My eyes!!!! They burn!!!!!
 Thanks, Sally, for helping out! You're always there to pop up a good resource!
This is an informal hatchathon, and I'm not really big on start and end times...It's more of a suggestion! Set when you want, and we'll oooooo and aaaaaaaah when the fuzzies happen!!   That almost seems like the crux of a story, "Then I saw a snood." That's all it takes, my love. The vision of a snood is the end of resistance!   When you go buy the stuff to make one from scratch....down to the wood and's all over. That's me.   WE DO have it here, but I would...
Drinking from the firehose, baby!! That's me!!!
Hey, Sally!   I'm a lunatic, that's how...I did get another promotion at work and I'll be traveling less, but when I do it'll be farther...though less frequently and for only short stints. Not a huge pay difference, but less travel = better!!   Unfortunately I'm working MORE initially...gads.   Anyway, I'm glad to be back on a bit, and I'm hoping I can be on here a bit more! I miss you guys when I'm gone. Crazy people. 
   It is already automatically set up once you're paying. Caveat is that you have to wait 3 days to transfer funds to your bank account to spend them UNLESS you get the PayPal Mastercard (DEBIT). THat also pays you 1% cash back, so I use it instead of my bank's debit VISA and I pay my mortgage and everything with I can clean up on the cash back.  Just go on there and look for a link or search for 'paypal debit mastercard.'  Yaaaayyyyy!!!
Whoops! paypal:   Just leave me a note on there with your address and your BYC name!   :)
OMYGOSH!    Goose Set Day was yesterday!! Did anyone set eggs? We are nearly there!!!
 Hoooooooraaaaaaaayyy!!!   Yell if you need them- I can pack and send today for Monday delivery. You may not get to set at noon, but this hatchathon doesn't care!!  OK- for those who need eggs: Turkey eggs are heavier, so shipping is generally about $15 these days. I'll ship MIXED BREED eggs- 8+ eggs for $25 shipped. I can't do the foam because I'm out, so they'll be bubblewrapped (unless I can find foam cups, in which case I'll ship 'em Deerman-style).  I can do 2 batches...
 I'm soooo sorry! That's awful.   I can ship- for those that are considering local eggs- try looking at turkey posts from that section of BYC from the's a long shot, but if you don't want shipped, it's still an option.  What she said!! I do have eggs to ship, and I pack in foam. I know it helps a lot. I started with shipped eggs from folks in this very thread, so the fact that I *have* turkeys is testimony that shipped turkey eggs can hatch!!  Also, maybe check...
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