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we need a little more information, where is it located? i can tell it is the back of the chicken, but how far below the vent??  any other symptoms?  
hahah omg good! im guessing it is one of the birds who is just starting because i got a very soft shelled egg today with no yoke. they have good quality layer feed but i think im going to supplement with some oyster shell. the weather also has been really odd here so im thinking that hasnt helped any!   thanks for all the help!
so i went to check the nest box today and much to my delight i had an egg!! ...but upon removing said egg i noticed this little guy. not sure what bird it's from, i have five that are all around laying age and im still trying to figure out what egg belong to what bird :]   seriously?! how cute is that? i just hope everything is ok!
AWESOME   thanks so much! i have to go to the feed store later this week for oyster shell so ill ask what they have that will work for my area, so excited for next spring, new plants, more chickens and some meaties! waahoooo  
so, i just tucked the girls in for the night and unfortunately we don't have the ramp all set up yet so i went out to escort them into their raised coop. lo and behold they were already all snuggled up on the roost!    I'm so excited!! so my question is, do they really need the ramp? i feel like in the odd chance a predator can get through the wires, locks, and buried wire the ramp is almost like a golden platter. right? or am i crazy?   on the crazy note i...
i used the welded wire for my run and it has worked out just fine! i found it on special at lowes 100' for a little under $60 and we actually ended up with leftovers to use for the garden next year, the one precaution we did take along with putting a small roof over half the run for rain protection was burying about a foot to a foot and a half of the wire around the coop i have a really rough drawing of it i plan on putting all sorts of chicken friendly plants in...
7.7! love the drawing!  
159     :]  
well, now that our run is complete I've been contemplating putting some type of foliage for the chicken on top of the fencing i have run underground to prevent predators from digging in, here is a crude paint drawing of what I'm trying to do...   the black is the run skeleton the gray is the underground fencing and the green would bee the plants I'm trying to come up with. I'm just so lost as what to plant!   and every time i see something i like i find out...
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