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Hey those look familiar! Yay!! This is wonderful news. ps. I have photos to share but have not had a reliable computer for almost a week. It shuts itself down randomly and without warning so I'll be lucky to finish this post. lol
Beautiful pullet!!! I like her a lot. Wow.
x2!!! Thank you!!
Wow. Lovely birds!!
Yes, he is. I agree that his back does appear to slope downward in this photo but in real life it looks more level than this. His tail has filled in some since these photos were taken. Filled out a bit too.
Thank you for posting this here. I'm really glad that I wasn't the only person crying over the loss of someone I'd never met and I'm not ashamed to admit it. He gave so much. I hope to be able to breed up to his standards!
I'm very interested in the development of these F1 crosses, Fred. I plan to breed one of them back to a straight XW/GSBR cock next year and see what we get too. I may not have a huge amount of pen space to devote to it, but even so. I've been calling my birds from you my "Fred Rocks" lol
LOL I'm on Long Island but travel the east coast fairly frequently. I would love to do this with someone too.
The first two photos are of the oldest bird. I like him and his barring seems to be darkening a bit as he matures. I realize he isn't perfect but there is a lot about him that's good too. He seems to get wider between the legs every time I look at him and he has a regal presence. Everyone that sees him comments on him. The question is whether he is good enough to have his own family.The third photo is indeed the bird in question. Thank you for confirming his cull...
I'm enjoying one of those birds that hatched from the bonus eggs very much. That sweet RIR pullet is THE friendliest bird here, even more in your face than the Rocks. The plan for tomorrow is to weigh each bird in both pens and I have a cage set up to get some photos. This cockerel in particular is impossible to get a good photo of. He never stands still! Tried to get to it today but there was no way. Ran out of daylight first. I'm fine if he's a cull, and my gut is...
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