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I posted this on the project thread. Just looking for input. I have an idea of which I want to pick but want to see if other Breeders concor......A sort of second pair of eyes.
After a few disastrous years, no thanks to predators, I finally have a few nice Lavender (Isabel) Wheaten Ameraucanas roosters. Now comes the time to choose a breeding roo. I've narrowed it down to two out of 5. Neither are perfect but not too bad in my opinion. I'm looking for opinions. Roo #1 nice size, has wing bar and wheaten triangle on wing tip, tail feathers less breakage Flaws: very light wheaten coloration (perhaps carrying silver gene), leakage on chest and...
Ohhh how I want is fertility right now??
What color pea's?
Was this for last Tuesday or tomorrow?
I step away from the computer for the weekend and POW peafowl are here! 
You are the winner.  Please paypal me at Your total is $60 including the shipping.
Less than an hour left
No, sorry.  I rarely sell.  I think this is my first auction in 2 years =D
Eggs are available.  See first post for details. 
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