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@DMRippy yes been working on it for what seems like forever.  Counting parent stock 6 years....though the past couple years I didn't put too much effort into it.  Breeding pens are going right now, hatching out new stock and when I get my fill of chicks I will be selling a couple dozen eggs.  Here's a link to what I have done though I haven't updated it in while but just more of the same....
I just posted these.  Thinning my flock for breeding season
4:30 hrs for me but well worth the trip. =D   ...and only one out of four kids usually wins the raffle that way I can hear about it all the way home LOL.
just marking my spot 
Anything up?....I see a couple auctions with no bids. Just turned on my 'bator.
Took some digging but here is the page. It has been a while since I updated it. Hopefully I'll get some more results over the winter.
Sue I have a coronation Sussex and a light hen I may be able to part with. She was brooding this summer.
That person would be me...yes it is a very long process. I posted all the genetics and pictures on my page somewhere on byc. I have nothing to offer. Everything is either molting or to young to lay
yes I am still stalking these eggs....praying for shipping 
As I mark my place I just noticed I have the wrong year badge......who's a moderator these days???
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