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Took some digging but here is the page. It has been a while since I updated it. Hopefully I'll get some more results over the winter.
Sue I have a coronation Sussex and a light hen I may be able to part with. She was brooding this summer.
That person would be me...yes it is a very long process. I posted all the genetics and pictures on my page somewhere on byc. I have nothing to offer. Everything is either molting or to young to lay
yes I am still stalking these eggs....praying for shipping 
As I mark my place I just noticed I have the wrong year badge......who's a moderator these days???
 I will bring eggs and jam to raffle, food to pass.  I can run egg security/raffle. I'm pretty good at it right ACES .
Yeah!! Thank you. Please pm me me the details and I'll PayPal you in the am when I have access to my comp. Thanks again
Its after 11 here in NY. I'm going to check back in the am. Here's hoping
Fingers crossed. Been stalking all day on these eggs
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