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Won't be for at least a month. All my birds are just commingling at the moment. Separating the Roos this weekend and then I'll need to wait for purity and then test fertility.
@deserteggs22 this is the best I could find.
@RavynFallen yes my first hatch was from Shaffer, then crossed with John Blehm, and CrystalCreek and the back to Blehm. Think I'm going to renew with Shaffer again. Wish CrystalCreek was still breeding. They were working on getting rid of of the gene responsible for feather breakage. Myhen in the photo shoot above was a result of the above breeding with CrystalCreek. The photo was being taken for Vogue magazines holiday gift guide a few years ago
Some old photos of my hens. Same lines. Unfortunately we are buried in snow right now so a new photo shoot will have to wait until spring.
@deserteggs22 I have no idea right now. Just seeing if there is interest. Sales would be a month off. If not I won't bother and revert to being a wallflower.
Setting up my breeding pens today. Would anyone be interested in the following... I've been breeding these since 2009. LF Lavender/Split Lavender Ameraucanas LF Lavender Wheaten (Isabelle) Ameraucanas Photos can be found on my Lav Shak page. Just search BYC for it. New project.. Mille D'Fleur and porcelain Ameraucana. Large bantam size....breeding up.
I posted this on the project thread. Just looking for input. I have an idea of which I want to pick but want to see if other Breeders concor......A sort of second pair of eyes.
After a few disastrous years, no thanks to predators, I finally have a few nice Lavender (Isabel) Wheaten Ameraucanas roosters. Now comes the time to choose a breeding roo. I've narrowed it down to two out of 5. Neither are perfect but not too bad in my opinion. I'm looking for opinions. Roo #1 nice size, has wing bar and wheaten triangle on wing tip, tail feathers less breakage Flaws: very light wheaten coloration (perhaps carrying silver gene), leakage on chest and...
Ohhh how I want is fertility right now??
What color pea's?
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