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Banners lasted until January, then they started to rip apart in the cold winter wind and are fairly sun bleached, it was time to take them down then, but since the chickens are hiding in the coops and I in the house, I will let them up until its a bit warm and I get to the dollar store to see if I can find any replacements! perhaps some March Clover banners lol or it may be Easter banners till I get in that snow and ice! 
you betcha:Malpositions=Temperature too high or low, Turning inadequate, Large end of egg not up when set, Old or poorly handled eggs, Poor breeder nutrition
ditto  Good luck with them! 
I cant remember if that was from the first set of eggs or the last two eggs he set to be honest, I would have to read back through this thread.  darn they take forever to grow dont they!  yeppppp yepppp these were local eggs.  Hey Victoria, message me about eggs she has a list going on FB I will give you some details then. Didnt they figure out your thyroid yet? Is it the pyranthoid or whatever that one is called thats in the back or what? poor thing, I hope they figure...
ps sorry DH took images not I 
     Les Pea Bebes
They sure didnt give us much just a written warning to follow our strict npip bio guidelines and gave us this link!
let me see if our State Doc included anything in our Emails, let me read through the stuff or if she sent any links I can provide you with in addition to what you already have
ugggg I have a broody silky of HarmonyAnns you can HAVEEEEE she drives me insane!!!!! pretty red head too! lmao!! 
ok I will try to remember to take my cell with when I venture out. I have strict orders to not go down there until their is cinders on the path. its an ice path, but I called him at 6 this morning and he forgot to break through their water, so I must go on an adventure when the littles nap  I think they are mutts if thats such a thing in a pea...  peamuttens   yea  peamutten one and peamutten two....  btw can you eat peathings? just wondering.  I hear them calling, they...
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