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I will try to get back on in the new year <3 
 I guess I should have read back a bit before jumping in for Mich eh? lol she is very pretty! is she from HRIR?  also may I ask to see images of her legs and feet? she is cute mich, I know you spoil your chicks rotten lol
lol those three chickens are seriously the goofiest chickens I have ever had, is it the Heritage in them? idk LOL..... Picture a family walking down to the newly free ranging flock and discussing naming them when all of a sudden we see these three red hens come barreling down over a hill fighting to see who could get to us first, half flying, half running, all squawking, and one barrel rolling, and one ending up about 5 feet BEHIND us instead of in front of us! Hubs...
  our three are also called  Lucy Lucy and Lucy....  because yelling for "Stop Drop and Roll" made the neighbors through the woods a bit paranoid
@Gardeningmama please bookmark for future reference for your extremely beautiful easter basket, and thank you Ocho, it was in my original plan to obtain an Wells Roo from a man who happens to have good stock locally, but unfortunately plans change. I thank you kindly for your time everyone. I am sure Mich aka Gardeningmama will come back as she hatches and show us what she gets and share them as they grow as well, eh Mich? no pressure though  I will add that the eggs are...   this one?   do you think the rir look pure in the image? they look already mixed not? which means your batch wouldnt hatch true anyways  :( but he is a cool little boy
I hope you dont mind me jumping in real quick, I had to sell off most of my flock due to illness and the remaining is free ranging.  My question is, now there are a few HRIR running with the CCL and I have friends who want eggs and are wondering the result from the breeding the CCL over the HRIR hens, egg color and possible hen looks in general. Would this combo also be sexlinked? Thanks for your help, if anyone has time, I would appreciate thank you! SallyAnn       
a full tray hatching a week? or two trays? then you will only need to do this size cooler, it works well, what you can do is start with tray on the bottom say week one tray, then day 7 candle move to middle area, add the new tray of eggs to the bottom, then always add new eggs to the bottom and move up as the weeks go, makes sense, three weeks three trays. it worked well at the last of my incubation when I was stopping actually! then off to the hatcher!   one bator one...
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