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   lol  a nut case at least!     gotcha, I have a call in to see for sure what they have Thanks Kathy Tony! Wondering how you were doing after our last informative conversation, sorry you had to go through that.  Hope you get a great new start, what are you bird plans now? 
 I think I lacked so much sleep since last wed I cant sleep anymore.  I am going to do some research on umbilicals this morning now that I have half a brain to work with.  Lil pup trooper is still going strong and gaining weight just like all the others, but I am still putting him on her and keeping her from licking him every hour and he still feeds up to 25 minutes, little piggy!  The umbilical area is drying out and some is starting to fall off with nice pink skin under...
oh Craigslist, where were these before!  ha ha ha  
any updates to this oz?
We dont have Guineas because hubs said no, too noisy lol  
your artwork is AMAZING WOMAN!!  I love your site! those feathers are so awesome!!!!  Thanks so much for sharing!!!  
I love it!  your get together story was cool! Beautiful home (I love your ferns on the porch and beautiful flowers) and what a beautiful family!  Thank you for sharing! 
popping back in for a quick question.... Anyone else go through this......    I had to stop my ff due to medical issues and I never had to deal with rodents in the coops until I switched back to dry crumbles! So you can add keeping rodents at bay to your PLUS list for FF! argggggg  I swear I opened a coop and they all scattered but left all the mouse traps untouched and the feed empty!!!!!! ......   a hunting we will go this weekend!!!!!  <   ​feeling really really...
  This was female, a beautiful female, I have not bred the white sport again with anyone, I actually sent him to a friend who has ccl and sold the white female to another.  I needed pen space, I was very sad to let him go, but I couldnt keep holding him in a breeding pen without a decent size run, I like all of my flock to have nice runs to live in.  so the decision was made and she loves that guy so I am glad I did it.  I need more land to do what I want to, but I dont...
I just heard they are not only really loud during the day but 24/7 and my neighbors in the woods will have my head! lol  bummer! I need more acres of land to put more distance between neighbors! 
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