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Hi, you will have to check back with us, we have sold off most of our flock, we have only kept a few of the exceptional at this time.
HEY!sweet!!!  Once you do it, you will be like... "that was a no brainer"  lol  so exciting to create something with your own hands to help grow life! AMAZING that we have the power!  You as well Dockbum! 
My pups are growing fast, have to share!           and of course some fun!  
 Awwww Anytime HugHess!           TO EVERYONE ELSE:Now I feel as bad as burnt stinky popcorn smells!  I will note that even though the chick selling stops, I already had thoughts of "I need to at least have easter basket colored eggs! I will need a olive egger hen, marans hen, something that lays white and and and and..  y'all see where this is going....  muwahahhaaaa         IT'S ONLY  CHICKENS  For Gods Sake!   
Posted this on FB, sharing here as well.....   So my chicken Hatching & SELLING days are over, its final. Now do we sell and deal with people coming and going, dealing with no shows, or take time to box for auction or just process and get it over with? Harmony will keep her frizzle project littles for a while and sell her eggs, and we will keep some legbar and misc for selling hatching eggs/ eating eggs, but the rest have to go. It wont get easier with winter coming. I...
I blew a 90 watt bulb overnight, temps are still good, there is only a half tray of eggs in it.  I think it may get shut down for a while, since the great molt started AGAIN with the brahma and CCL pens, plus I am chickened out, yes I said that.    Harmony has fought broody hens, molt, more broody hens with her serama all summer, finally getting some eggs this week again, she incubates them flat in the reg coolerbator and rolls them by hand for turns, she gets a few mals...
I get plenty LMAO!!   sorry to hear sumi
Hello darkbluespace.... you should be able to start to see the wing tips shoot out more sideways in frizzles about a week if you look close! and then by two you should be able to tell for sure! 
Good Morning HugHess!  cute name!  Whats going on?
Its smart lol Ren what are you using IE, Chrome or what?  
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