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lol thanks, yes silkied, but I sold them a week ago.  Ducks that quack alot and my dogs barking at them, DO NOT make for good neighbors even in the mnts. lol
I would think you can place it about the same location I did on the cabinet, top front area.  I would NOT remove your fans.  @ozexpat  can you help with location?
We have a wafer in ours, see location images below....  also I am hoping @ozexpat can let you know the best place for one of those stc thermostats    I forgot dimensions so here they are after installation  
  how did it go in the makings? gonna share it with us!!!!!!   pics or it didnt happen!!  
Hi everyone! thanks! I hope your summer is great! I have been very busy as usual during the summer!  popped in to send a hello and see if everyone is still hatching, I never stopped, we hatch every Sunday/Monday for shipping out Mondays! Besides chickens we have hatched quail, ducks, and we even have a friendly peachick running around in the brooder! Boy are those chicks LOUD! 
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