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  I know right!  
I dont think anything more than you are, his vent isnt pasted shut correct?  keep him warm and dry  good luck with him.  
what is their laying time frame?  
I sure will, I am going to start a diary just for ducks but I have too much going on, so until the Easter HAL and contests are finished up I am just taking notes and pictures and will organize all the research I did too.  I will let you know when I post all of it.  Did you ever get a good hatch then?  You said broody, but did you have issues with late death before draw down in the bator or weight loss issues?  I read about the internal pips for someone and then death, what...
ohhhhhh  I hope so!!!!     I gotta get some work done, cleaning my kitchen with this on the table is NOT getting my cabinets all wiped out and cleaned up!  LOL  my sink is overflowing and my dishwasher still needs emptied HA HA HA  but chicks first and foremost, have to do an egg run and turn and peekaboo bator time.....  Have a nice afternoon everyone! 
cloacal prolapse? never seen that in a chick not sure what to tell you, olive oil so poop slides off and if you have to trim feathers, both of which could cause others to peck it so if you resort to that you may have to separate?  how is it otherwise eating drinking what poop look like?
Mike has a great idea, use the plastic wrap from the kitchen, cover some of it, surface area is what ups humidity not depth, cut some of the top level out and it will reduce.    But your in lockdown so you need humidity right now, how high are you? 
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