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My goats have windows for the winter so the sun can shine in and they have light if its ugly out!!  Buck pen side all Winterized!!! and the front windows etc all removable for spring!!! YAY!!!   checked off the list!!         Gooserz my protector from all things evil and moving   at my feet lol  she looked cold on the stones but wouldnt move till I did!!      
you know most of that prebreaded crap in the freezer section is just in a box! no plastic at all! that freaks me out when he brings them home, but hey I dont eat fish even though the rugrats do
sweet!! now if only you could upload images!!! maybe the roofer knows how lmao!!
Thank you John!! and SIL!
thanks!! good!! lol
lmao okbut I typically dont do hugs with chickens goats yes chickens not so much, you see I am grossed out with chicken dander lmao  its true, hate it!!yes been there with nicu and pumping as well, just 26 years and a good brain ago ughhh issue with kids here is closing cereal, you know with all this amazing packing jobs for food you see around that amazes me, why cant cereal have a cool packaging that actually works, lord knows we pay enough for it!!! I mean why cant they...
Mornin Peter!  how are you!
My Beautiful BCM!! So lovely!! Yes I am bragging!!!  I just ADORE THEM and cockerel / soon ROO (when do you call them roos?) this guy is young yet.  Anyways he is such a big baby to kids and what a great lookout too, although he dont need to with goozers out there!!!!              
oh I gotcha out of freezer only 24 doh!getting morecoffee
yes of course, but a simple ziplock of ice would work if it stays closed
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