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you sure you didnt get lower than that?  he is fine otherwise? no breathing issues and you looked in his mouth?  very odd it takes a good freezing to get frostbite on my birds, although humidity in the coop can do it if its freezing see the temp section here....  it will tell you how to calibrateNOTES LINKS & Informational POST LINKS - BackYard Chickens Communitylol thanks Dan  good mornin         Mornin MC, Paddler, John, Whites, Kristin and everyone else   I am off to...
  I guess time for another drink
  You know when I make homemade laundry soap I so wish it would smell good!!!  Can something like those be added to that without oiling clothes or separating in bottle?   Control Solutions Permethrin 10%, 1 pt. (16 oz)  $9.99   SKU #113330799 ★★★★★ ★★★★★   Control Solutions Permethrin 10% is for use on cattle, lactating dairy cattle, horses, swine, poultry and pets. Controls horn flies, face flies, lice, ticks, and deer ticks. Long lasting, up to 28 days of residual activity One pt. makes up to 100 gal. of cattle spray One pt....
Anyone have any Reliable Breeders you would like to add to our list?     @ocap  that peacock site perhaps??     Breeders/Hatcheries (Click to hide) Breeders/Hatcheries Serama Council Breeders Directory post #48135 Papas Poultry in CA Highly recommended   post #32276 @Papa Brooder post #33904 Jerry's Seramas LLC  CLICK HERE Sally Sunshine Poultry click HERE    @Sally Sunshine TJChickens CLICK HERE Dick Hortsman...
REMINDER about meds!!!   Changes to Antibiotics Regulations Coming December 2016 will need RX   post #53348  By Dr. Mike Apley     List of Affected Applications/MEDICINES CLICK HERE
nice and little!  frizzle has black white chest?
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