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Sorry to hear that campin 
  not sure I get videos on cell but you can try!  I tend to like the whites tans browns and blue serama, seems like no one wants the blacks even with white chests   I always have them left over, so I now set eggs and give them what hatches out of a dozen eggs for a certain price  they get what they get lol these were LEFTOVERS!!!!!! uggggg  
   not I      I cant even plan a get together for kids 12th bday this weekend
oh I do know, and they can be seriously beautiful too  Think serama are part pigeon?    
 oh how nice!! Have you had a tank long?  Did you ever get pictures of your fish?   its not an easy task!  I love catfish!!!  they are neat in a tank 
 thanks CH congrats on those babies, glad the rest are doing goodI should separate my girl, but dont know who to put her with.  And short backs are hard to come by ugggg over on the West coast there are some nice breeders, but even the ones kiddo got from Shlex are not all that...    Kiddos silkied stands weird but HS doesnt table top train at all.  They picked on this one as they grew and she was always shy and kept huddled away weird      this is my favorite out of...
she goes back in to Fam doc tomorrow at noon and I will be throwing a fit for sure.  I texted you back
oh no!!! what I miss? 
no lumps I have done the surgery and I am scared because most people show to push the infection nodule out, well mine flew out and splattered all over, Staph is not a good thing to have flying into your face and eyes......    So if anyone tries it, PLEASE where glasses and be so very careful with that bacteria!!
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