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 awwwwwThat is NOT gonna happen LOL  try again!   I have no desire and in my age ability to raise horses or keep up care for them
 Morning MC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   How are you this fantastic day?  Hi Mike  Morning beautiful!!  what critters are you going to tease me with?  lol they are wonderful!!!  They are accepting the new goat, but still can get pushy when food is involved other wise the three are awesome  love them!I hope you had a fantastic time!! Hi Chaos
Almost AFternoon folks!!!     WAVES HELLOOOO     Currently Viewing 8 Members, 3 Guests Chaos18 ChuskaMtns Duckies Girls DwayneNLiz Sally Sunshine daxigait kwhites634 mlm Mike
Banti my quote wont let me comment its all jibber......     I think lockdown for my few that made it is tomorrow, I will set serama and some pure BCM pullet eggs then too.  Perhaps try brahma since the last batch failed and the lady still wants chicks, we shall see
 I am so sorry sweets YAY YOU DID IT!!!!!   CONGRATS!!!!  I should go back and grab all your posts with pics and updates from lockdown to first pips to hatching and keep for a timeline of hatch to help others shouldnt I? lol  but its almost lunch time!!!! LOL WOW Awesome!!!!  CONGRATS!!!!!!!!  
DAX!!!!!!  LOVE GOATIESSSSS     how are you?  @daxigait
  Our serama are forever broody, wish I could fit tons of LF eggs under them lol    pretty ducks!!!LOL like you didnt see them enough!  Morning Michael
  Oh Zach this is awesome news!!! Congrats my friend!!!
  aint that the truth! 
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