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thank you love, They can help yu with the calibration... not sure you have time for that though....   
Heading to finish up last minute brooder water fills and check on everything and get dressed.  Thanks everyone for the prayers and thoughts....    hugs to all
gross ugh yes I know, but he has terrible back pain he cant sit.  I will do my best to send him on his way trust me!! I see  always learning new things!
do you have accumulation on the viewing area?   you did calibrate, dont panic, read what everyone tells you to try.  its all good! oh yes, she sure is right, stuff is nasty
why?  I dont want them.  wonder what they do with body parts at the hospital.... @Phage  @meltel 
 nope need to be at hospital at noon, surgery 230 and a few hours he said till recovery, told the family to stay home this day, my dad is running me up and dropping me off at the door, if he tries to go in with me Imma have a battle, as he is as mean n stubborn as I am    and thank you OMG yes, you can barely keep your eyes open its so strong! 
flame!! oh the shame!
you betcha, she is currently learning what a crate is and doing well. 
thank you beautiful! oh that the other mug?  I put him at? 
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