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    looks mal?    RACETRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
sweets I just posted in the incu thread, the coolers I just bought and the other stuff...  a few pages back from where we are, or search my posts....   links to them too....   its cool project to do with some of yer boyz too.
ha  but you did cause I chuckled at your post! ahem.... never say never   you dun said it DOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH @Meaghan  good morning!   how old are the eggs?  dont keep them too long and how are you storing need extra thermo/hygros and calibrate them.  never go with the one that comes with the are notes to this thread....  start at the egg collection section and then head down through UPDATE:I have pulled extremely helpful NOTES, LINKS &Informational...
have you washed them?   did you use a cleaner on them?  if they candle and no cracks and not watery they should be fine.  you remember all my refridge eggs hatched EVERY ONE! ALL ABOUT WASHING EGGS! post #10836   We want to hatch on March 26th, (the day BEFORE Easter Sunday)button quail: 16 days to hatch; set March 10thcoturnix quail: 18 days to hatch; set March 8thseramas: 19 days to hatch; set March 7thother bantam and LF chicken: 21 days to hatch; set March 5thbobwhite...
cigs yuks    I swear since I quit I hate it even more than when I was a kid!heated waterbed!!!!!  never slept in one of those!  I like a firm bed not all mushy, are they mushy? And I get hot and then cold and hot and cold, I would probably like it and then complain I am hot in ten minutes, just like a hot tub, in and awwwwww and get the h3ll out right away. ceramics? pretty too!  this is today?
of course! you set more eggs?   you going to join the hal?
ZONES OF COLD INJURY fro EMBRYONIC DEVELOPMENT  The importance of preventing ‘sweating’ eggs Click HERE
yes granny give me sec
When you go to the state store bring me some jack please I am just about out....  thanks!  Thanks paddler, never said goodmorning so good morning too!hope you have a wonderful day today!  ohhhhh!!!  how adorable!!!!!  you can send him my way any day!! but you cant get him back lol   oh wait....  can I get weekends off, and you take my kids too? 
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