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I blew a 90 watt bulb overnight, temps are still good, there is only a half tray of eggs in it.  I think it may get shut down for a while, since the great molt started AGAIN with the brahma and CCL pens, plus I am chickened out, yes I said that.    Harmony has fought broody hens, molt, more broody hens with her serama all summer, finally getting some eggs this week again, she incubates them flat in the reg coolerbator and rolls them by hand for turns, she gets a few mals...
I get plenty LMAO!!   sorry to hear sumi
Hello darkbluespace.... you should be able to start to see the wing tips shoot out more sideways in frizzles about a week if you look close! and then by two you should be able to tell for sure! 
Good Morning HugHess!  cute name!  Whats going on?
Its smart lol Ren what are you using IE, Chrome or what?  
      While I am on BYC I figured I would throw my new and updated bookmarks to those interested and who also have a godzillion bookmarks like I do!  I actually organized a few of them but not many!
  Signs of Deficiency in the Embryo       Vitamin Deficiencies in Backyard Chicks and Chickens
We wont be for some time, unless I can find a house with kennels! like a bunch of them! lol    is it on Ocracoke? I dont remember it, we always rent on the island, since I am way too old to bear that heat in the summer, not to mention the bugs!  
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