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WOW did we get alot of entries yesterday!  HAVE A LOOK!   Contest #12   Celebrity Look alike Contest! 5th Annual 2014 Easter Hatch-a-long!    
  I AGREE and have the same practices   I always use growgel in the incubator right from the start of hatch, then when chicks are fluffy they go in brooder and begin with the PRO VITS seen below from and they continue with this in water until the chicks are out of the brooder stage, I also start adding small amounts of fermented med chick starter, after that about 2 months old I will do another vits in waterers, I will add that type in a comment area...
Sexing Chicks    
I agree this is a tricky one, most times they dont give at all never had luck but here is the info...  from Hatching 101 orthopedics section     Chick in a babyfood container to help "bring legs" together CHICKEN...
how is the chickie!!!  
Right now they are all in one clear big plastic tote!   I am trying to get ahold of the buyers, NEED GONE ASAP ha ha ha!!  We already have three other brooders with chicks that are leaving tomorrow!   I need to move them out! I have deposits on almost all of them but the FAVerolles but those are pending.  
AWEEEEE  I love animals, babies and fishing!  ha ha ha!!  
  I am so sorry you have internet like that too, ughhh its so frustrating to say the least!!  
HA HA HA  this is great!!! 
We are totally overrun with chicks at this point, I think I have 50 in the brooder and a ton still pipped, I did grab 6 eggs and they are dead, two are alive and remain unpipped, not hoping I have another two that never hatch like the last two times, very very weird!! 
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