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good grief woman! I hope your next hatches get better!  And what a beautiful avatar image you added too! 
I received another message on our Facebook Poultry page from a wonderful woman named Maxine! So awesome hearing from everyone, its nice that they take the time to send a thank you, makes me smile every time, and she even made the most amazing video of her experience!  Funny thing is, SHE ISNT A MEMBER OF BYC.....  YET !!!   That just cannot be! @Maxinekh  
we have eggs set to hatch every weekend for a few weeks
Yes we do!
She is getting serama eggs!  see the ad for hatching eggs on our Main Page!
I am hatching and I had one that did the same, its in there acting good, but most times those that loose the yolk dont make it,, but he has company so I will let him there and if he acts sick he too will go.  I have a lady that takes my stuff to auction so I dont have to cull. 
so far so good with the flag banners on the run fence! amazing! pray it keeps working! 
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