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Hopefully I will be breeding Light Sussex and New Hampshires in the next few weeks.
Cool! Let me know how it turns out.
Pretty well, thanks. Nice! Hope they hatch nicely for ya.
Hiya! No Bantam.  Update: I have four new chicks (Light Sussex X Salmon Faverolle) and I sold nine of my roosters.
Good luck everybody!
Hey TC! Nice. :P Is she LF?
I still enjoy this thread even though I am not hatching. :)
Yeah, I filled my little incubator about two weeks ago but I don't have enough eggs to use my big incubator for this hatch-a-long. I was impatient.
I filled up my little incubator and set some under my broody about two weeks ago, but I don't really have enough eggs to start my big one up. So I am hatching, just not for this hatch-a-long.
Good luck!
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