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Oh okay. You can always start them in doors.
Aw man. We had a very mild winter here so that is why I'm planting so early.
This past week or so I have been planting tomatoes, lettuce, and beans in pots inside. Anybody else planting early?
I am hoping for 8 or 9 chicks altogether. Not to many but I think it will be worth it. Have you been hatching or planting at all?
Okay.   It's starting to feel like spring! =) Today a few things happened. First I set seven eggs hoping for a few Light Sussex chicks, then I planted some tomatoes and lettuce in pots inside. Earlier this week I set seven eggs under a broody hen, or I should say pullet. She is very new to this and I'm not sure if she will be able to hatch any out. I am hoping for 3 or 4 from her. I also planted some beans last Friday.   That is pretty much all. I haven't taken any...
Hope the hatch and the surgery go well. :)
New Hampshire. =)
Thank you. :)
You have been lured in. Muhahahaha!
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