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You are my first guess, actually. That is because you are always asking me trying to lure me to BBQs at the moat.
Welcome to BYC. Glad you joined us!
I just sold a Dark Brahma rooster using craigslist this month. It is worth try and you might make a few bucks. Links: that helps.
Hi Alaskan,How are you?You just paste a link into your "website" slot on your profile page I think. If that makes any sense. You already have it done though, by the looks of it.
Thanks! It was probably Alaskan or Sour that did it...
What about the Canadians?
Hi everyone! On Tuesday I stopped turning my 15 eggs but none have hatched , I also started collecting New Hampshire eggs for the next hatch. It will be a small one though. On Wednesday I separated some birds for an upcoming show and I also got thirteen new layers. They are about one year old. Today I locked down some New Hampshire eggs (seven of them). I am really hoping at least some of them hatch after my last hatching failure. I think that's all. Have a great...
Glad you joined us!
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