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Splash babiesWhite silkie henWill these work?????
Hey Muddyhorse!!! It was nice meeting you at the Waterloo swap! It was alot of fun. Glad the white silkie hen and roo are doing good. I am soooo glad they got a good home!!! If you ever need anything else let me know.
Oh!!!! I love fawn and white runners!!! I so want to bid on these!!!
Yes I would say its worth it. They have everything! Tons of poultry, goats, pigs, puppies, kittens, rabbits and lots more (feeders, waterers, cages etc) . Its a 2 hour drive for me also and I have a bunch of silkies to take up there so I will definitely be going.
I am not in Florida but though I would help you out. Bobbi Porto is in Florida. Her website is She has some really nice birds.
I was just wondering if anyone from here was going to the Waterloo swap?
Do you have pics? I have never seen a Silver/Lav runner duck.
No I wont have any whites this time. I will have 3 (I think) splash pullets for sale. I am selling them because they have small crest. They will be $20 each. They are about a year old.  Or if you take all three you can have them for $50
Shot at the dark. I can't really guarantee the 4 month olds even. I can make a good guess but thats about it.
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